Saturday, February 28, 2009

Post 51.... some morning "rainy pictures"....

Couldn't resist a second post this morning, when I noticed I was at 50 post ~ time flies... already thinking of 100 th post giveaway ideas - would you like a "Mary Kay Andrews book"? Or maybe some vintage ephemera? How about a pretty piece of vintage matte white pottery? Do you like vintage textiles ~ & lace? Would you rather have a combination from the "village" with some "hag" touches throw in?
I'm planning so let me know what you like....
making up our bed.... I saw this little squirrel watching me, sitting atop the fence around our patio. This view is from our bedroom, so I can see what he is up to... Will be glad when I can get some "posies" for the porch, daffodils blooming already here so, I'm ready for some pretty baskets & assorted flower pots.

"getting ready" this morning, noticed the neighborhood squirrel ls playing in "puddles" ~ they don't seem to mind. guess its easier to find where they hid their "nuts".
do you see him in the middle?

"Jamie" is ready for the rain, he has a "comfy spot" on the garage table at "Nannie's" with his own umbrella. Lucky kitty~!

More about "Autumn" ~ Mary's squirrel soon, you will "adore" this story...

out to play in the "puddles" on my way to work.... ~one vintage hag

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  1. Suggestions for your 100 post giveway...all of the above you listed. It sounds wonderful. Dari