Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Theresa's birthday 28th~ More Shots of the "village" from Tuesday....

So, I'm thrilled to have so many pictures to share ~ took these yesterday at the "village" ~ Nice post on Theresa's ~ "Time Worn Interiors" ~Thank you, "Girly"
~ Have fun at the "Pink Chateau" ~ and a "Great Birthday".
For me today, paperwork lots and lots of paperwork.... I will reward my self with sharing what I got yesterday with all of you later today..
"Lbi" ~ always has great "seasonal cuties" ~ look at this bunny with a "huge vintage hat" resting on the tip of his ears. Did a little shopping with her yesterday, you know - you work some then shop some..... I love both parts.

oh, la la ~ "My Vintage Heart" ~ where you been shopping?
Fabulous Vintage Wicker Settee - In search of a new home for this Spring.

"Fox" ~ Precious Old Bird Bath ~ might want to tell those "bunnies" they are in the water...

"Tlw" ~ cute cute "rabbits" ~ hmmmmm, do I need another for my patio?
Still loving your vintage yo-yo quilt.
Your booth makes me ready for spring, ready to get my flowers up and going...

"Leah"(a real cute new dealer) great chest ~ bring in more "stuff" til I tell you to stop.....

"KL" has a wonderful spot, hers even includes a little "potty area" without the fixtures,
cute cute nook...

what a "cozy shop" ~one vintage hag


  1. Now... I have to find out how far is Snellville from NC, this might could be a day trip to check you out, love your post!! Janna

  2. Hi Janna,
    Thanks for considering coming to see us ~ from Charlotte (where I'm from) its about 3 1/2 hours. Closer from some parts ~ We are open 7 days a week Mon-Sat 10-6 and Sundays 1-5.
    Looking foward to meeting you.

  3. Debbie, I enjoy reading your blog each day.
    You do a great job writing, and I love all the extras.

    Thanks for all the pictures and your kind words.

    Your long time friend, TLW.

  4. TLW,
    I'm so proud, you used the post a comment 101.
    Now, I can have Jeanine comments.
    I will love that.
    Now, you can follow my blog the same way just log
    into your google account with the same login/password and mark me a a blog to follow.
    Now, the most important thing - your booth looks AWESOME~!. Love the yoyo, both of mine are gone so hope it sells fast. Love the "bunny's" been looking around for a spot for your little white one, I want it to come home with me.
    Anyway, I'm glad you are on and commenting, that's exciting. I will keep taking pictures (they can only get better...) and writing those words you enjoy.