Thursday, February 5, 2009

One Vintage Hag Music.... Different Songs all with upbeat melodies

I guess by listening to the music on my blog you could be left a little confused. Music seems to transcend where ever life has managed to dump you at the moment. In our house we love all kinds of music.

To set the record straight, I do love lots of types of music ~ I love upbeat, make you smile kind of music. Nothing boring and nothing that makes you feel sad~ there is too much sad in the world today.

I like listening to David Cook, Katharine McPhee, Gwen Stephai, Rascal Flats, Elliott Yamin, even, Frank Sinatra, Clay Aiken and more....And, How can you not enjoy ~ Disney music.
Some on my blog refers to Single Women ~ but aren’t they fun – Beyonce’s new top hit talks about “all the single ladies” and “putting a ring on it” but it makes me laugh. Just to set the record straight, I’m a 40 something Happily Married Mother of two wonderful children~ who owns an antique shop, love junk, reality TV like American Idol and The Bachelor (Jason, is so cute!) and that obviously has a very young heart – even when other parts hurt.
Can you relate?


~one vintage hag

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