Monday, June 25, 2012

just another manic monday... maybe?

sometimes a trip down memory lane offers solace, nostalgia & perhaps even a bit of "therapy"...

having attending a funeral yesterday where the minister referenced a day when friends and neighbors would come by an "sit a spell..." then having a few customers today at Vintage Village reference stopping by for there "therapy" it brought to mind the refreshed, calming effect most of us feel when surrounded by things from our past.  Gosh, taking the time to just slow down a minute does work wonders for the soul. 

Things familiar from our parents or grandparents.  So often at Vintage Village we hear "oh, my grandmother had that"... "have no idea what I'm going to do with this but I grew up with my Mom using a bowl like this everyday".  Nostalgia is such a treasured gift.

We all got a chuckle out of one of our customers saying she was here for "her therapy".  I ask Carla if that is why we are here so much too...?  Perhaps, but what a wonderful place to get to spend your
days.  Make a few bucks and enjoy the company of such charming wares of days gone by. 


Moon added a refreshing reminder to her booth wall this weekend.
"Nothing Good Ever Ends"...

Nostalgia...  memories of days gone by are certainly amongst
my short list of "good" I hope will always be.

In a world filled with "manic Mondays" we all need a little quiet, serenity, peaceful, relaxing therapy. Retail therapy works for many of us obviously.

All the photos shared in this post are current vintage offerings at Vintage Village.
Our place for nostalgia.  Come by ~ we have a feeling you'll like what you see!

♥ one vintage hag

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"The Shop" in the little cottage behind Vintage Village

Quaint, Cozy, Fabulous & Wonderful Vintage Finds.

Several things have occupied the cottage behind Vintage Village and most haven't lasted very long.

It's hard work being a "shop keeper".  The hours are long, the summer hunt is hard, so you have to have passion, drive and determination.  Danielle & DJ have just that and a "bag of chips"!

Their shop hours are exactly the hours Vintage Village is open (Monday-Saturday 10-6) and I know our valued customers appreciate the opportunity to check out the selections at "The Shop" while visiting with us. Although small in size it captivates all sorts of antiques & old things lovers.  Some of their latest finds include an original bakery bread box that is in perfect condition. 

A wonderful bank of industrial lockers.  These never stay around long as they are so diverse.  Wish my bathroom was large enough to accommodate these.  Talk about room for storage!  You could even add a vintage mirror, comb, brush and some lip sticks to one of the cubbys - just like we all did in our high school days.

Victorian curtain rods and I spotted but forgot to picture some victorian curtain tiebacks as well.  These are quick sells again being so diverse and they are very reasonably priced as all the wares in "The Shop" are.

Been a while since we've seen good old jadite dinner plates.
  They have a whole stack of vintage Jane Ray.  Ooo-la-la, Martha would love this find!

Love the new but ever so sweet numbered pitchers.  These make a perfect gift.  Fill with some darling old fashion striped paper straws, a few lemons and perhaps your favorite lemonade recipe for a friend or neighbor.  Did you happen to notice the vintage milk crate below the table.  You can never have enough of these.  I adore them for storage and there is no chance items inside will get crushed.  They are terrific planters, magazine racks or used with locker baskets for an industrial media tower.  Crusty rusty perfection!

Tea for 2 chalkboard table with two darling little chairs.  See, what I mean... all that and a "bag of chips".  There is only about 40 things thus far that this hag could use. I've been working hard around the village - refreshing the common area looks - so, all those old crusty pieces, even the galvanized water cooler I didn't picture would be so fun in our little kitchen area.  

I've ask them about doing some guest blogging occasionally on our little blog. So am anxious for a fresh article or two. 

You must come visit with the gals out back.  You'll be so happy you did.  The prices are reasonable,
the selections plentiful, their outdoor gardens are welcoming.  It's just plain sweet!
So thankful to have these talented ladies out back in the cottage.  They are excellent "shop keepers" and we wish them only the BEST!

♥ one vintage hag

Monday, June 18, 2012

a fresh look around Vintage Village

a look around the coziest little antiques & collectibles shop around...

 If you haven't visited with us at Vintage Village lately much has changed as we've welcomed several new faces to the Vintage Village family over the past several months. Allison of Lost & Found has so many trendy items in her spot.  She carries burlap embellished lamp shades, signs, darling little bags she dolls up with ribbons and lace.   Burlap yardage for projects, beautiful pillows, her very own "Sweet Feet" flip flops and so much more. 

Jenny & Lindsey also known here as TKJ's have a darling spot filled to the brim with hand cut frames large letters even offer do it yourself painting instructions for a beautifully distressed finish.  These girls have great primitive barn finds, handmade earrings, banners.  You won't be disappointed with their selections. 

Moon has recently expanded into a new larger spot at the Village.  Her space is an all time favorite "dig" for dealers and regular customers a like.  She has the most interesting selections of charming old finds.  Everything from antique pottery to beautiful old textiles can be found in Rebecca's spot. Come see!

Rare joined the Village family back before the holidays.  So refreshing to add guys to our mostly girly dealer family.  Andy always has a fascinating selection of vintage finds - yes, even a propeller.  His latest addition of the bicentennial flag complete with pole and stand comes just in time for independence day. 

Vintage Village is pleased to offer the services of PDQ Lamp Repair.  Paul does the best job with repairs, rewires of old lamps, chandeliers. You may drop off your lamps at the Village.  He will fix them and return here to pickup all at the most reasonable prices around. 

It will take several days to make it through our 5500 square foot shop in pictures so keep an eye on our little blog this week as our look around the Village continues. We'll include some photos of "The Shop" now open in the cottage behind our store.  You won't want to miss the offerings of Danielle and DJ. 

Happy Monday! 
until tomorrow....

♥ one vintage hag

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Cherish your Daddy's... kiss them on the cheek if you have that chance.

Doesn't seem possible that 8 years ago this month we lost our Daddy.  Fondly referred to as "Butch" by not only his grandchildren, but friends and the girls at Vintage Village and of course, Nannie who started that nickname in the first place.  Some days I still reach for the phone to call and ask him a quick question or share a laugh.  Some days I see his truck pass by, it's owned by retired principle who is currently an antique dealer in our area so it's still hauling treasures.  Bet that would make "Butch" happy.  Anyways... was working in the office at the Village today and noticed his picture at home on my bookshelf and thought I'd do quick post. 

If you still have your "Daddy" take a minute to give him a kiss on the cheek.  Call and tell him you love him... If he's anything like my Dad was that will make his day.

Thursday I spent the day with my sweet daughter, Lindsey.  She and her husband are expecting their first baby in December.  Thus, I'm expecting my first grandchild.  Excited!!! (doesn't even begin to describe it...).  As we shopped, lunched, shopped some more, found the best deal of the day an 84 cent pair of maternity jeans at Old Navy, shared dinner with her Dad.  This sweet doe was munching out on all the fresh mimosa blooms at Vintage Village.  I shared a post on facebook that we were a bit low on the pretty pink blossoms as this sweet lady ate them all. Butch would have enjoyed seeing her.  He had hunting buddies, a little camper in the woods he'd frequent during deer season.  Only two problems with that as his friends often shared.... he shaved every morning of his life, then used aftershave.  Deer kinda smell that.  He loved to talk... yep, bet he sat in that deer stand commenting on how pretty a passing doe was or wishing a big old buck a fine good morning.  Nope, never brought home a deer.  Nannie was sure happy about that. 

I miss my parents every day ~ on days like these its just a reminder to cherish each day they pass far too quickly!

♥ one vintage hag

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's a "New Day" at Vintage Village

a fresh day filled with opportunity...

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week my dear friend and business partner retired from being a "hag" earlier this year.  After 17 years owning a business together its a bit overwhelming to wrap your thoughts around being the only "hag".  It's such a good thing for her and I was delighted that she decided to stay on in a small spot at Vintage Village so that she stays in touch with all of us.

One of my first thoughts was a freshen up @ Vintage Village.  Time passes quickly and we don't always take a minute to look around and decide its time to spruce up but in our case... past time.  Scuffs on the walls required some fresh paint, stale looking floor plan required a bit of creativity and to get current some burlap.  Have you fallen in love with burlap like we have around the Village.  It's been around forever but who knew the possibilities it offers at such an affordable cost.

Little by little things have been crossed off the list and yesterday was no exception.  One of the many things I've wanted to freshen up is our counter area.  Girlfriends with power tools are a blessing! Dealers with connections for vintage tin roofs, yes... another blessing. 

Still have some trim out with cool old moulding to do but how crusty, delightful, vintage our reface turned out.  Re purposed, fresh & oh... so WONDERFUL!  It's even magnetic.  Thank you Thank you Thank you, Carla!  I bet like me that bubble bath felt really good last night.  Bet you slept good too.  A days hard work does wonders for the soul.

It occurs to me that not so many are afforded the blessings I have been.  To be in a business I'm passionate about.  To be surrounded with such talented and creative group of dealers.  To have the BEST customers EVER!  To have fun at my job.  To be excited for the next work day.  Being a "hag" isn't all it's cracked up to be at times but it's oh so wonderful at others.  Truly, grateful!

The list is long and the ideas that ole hamster in my head spins are sometimes interesting to say the least. It's been a fun few weeks in this new adventure.

Wait til you see what's next...

♥ one vintage hag

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer time offers so much fun in the sun

have you discovered fairy gardens?

Tiny in size yet large in character and heart.  Fairy gardens seem to be the latest craze in gardening in our area, probably in yours too. the sky is the limit and your imagination can truly go wild creating a fairy garden of your own.  several years ago my dear friend and former business partner, Linda gave me this awesome vintage bird bath.  Still having much of the old worn pink paint I've used it as a table, a plant stand for ferns and posies but this year transformed into a fairy garden on the hag patio at home.

 Of course there is a little fairy, a cobblestone street, a shell path, a tiny bottle in which wishes can be saved, a bridge, two darling chairs, a metal fence section, tiny flower pots, a little light on a shepperd's hook and one of my favorite things a wonderful glass cloche that sits amongst the plants.  it's truly the cutest thing ever. 
What makes it special is picking just the right little plants.  I've seen them done with low maintenance sedum but I chose small plants for scale and do give them the regular amount of water just like any other porch plant. 
I've sure enjoyed finding little additions for my fairy garden and were given several darling things for my birthday that have been added.  the wire plant included loves its spot in the garden and has had to have a few trims in its attempt to take too much room.

Sure, the garden centers and my favorite nurseries have all the necessary ingredients for your fairy garden including all the plants & rocks.  but I've enjoyed finding perfect little additions in antique and thrift shops.  yesterday,  a friend from vintage village gave me a darling little wood village that includes a few houses and wooden trees.  think i will seal those with poly spray and add to a corner of the garden.

Fun in the summer time... many of my days begin on the porch enjoying morning coffee, watching the fish (that have gotten really big) in my patio puddle and now a fairy garden.  a bird or two has landed there for closer inspection, even a darling hummingbird. 

If you were a fairy... I'd invite you to play in this hag's fairy garden.

♥ one vintage hag

Monday, June 11, 2012

where does the time go?...

wow... doesn't seem possible that our last post was in the Winter.

never our intent to do a blog with the Seasons we're getting a little help from a few blogging friends to freshen up and revamp the one vintage hag blog spot.  yay!

in an effort to catch you up so you'll know what we've been up to around Vintage Village...

We've welcomed talented dealers Leigh Ann & Lisa (SS), Jenny & Lindsey (TKJ), Allison (L&F), Rachel and Aimee (JAR), Barbara (BGF), and the Nest spot to Vintage Village this year.

We've welcomed "The Shop" to the cottage behind Vintage Village.  Danielle and DJ have the cutest little shop (much like us just smaller) so you'll want to visit with them when you by as well.  We need to invite them to do a guest post on our blog so you can get to know them.

We've freshened up the floor plan, we've painted a few walls, we've added some industrial metal shelves for rent. 

One of the "hags" retired.  GOOD FOR HER!  But still has a small space with us so we're tickled about that. 

We said goodbye to Nannie Hag the end of February.  Gosh, still miss her like crazy (guessing we always will)!  But draw comfort in the fact that shes at peace, free of pain and watching over us.

We're excited for grand baby #1 due December 2012. 

We've got a Vintage Village facebook page where you can visit with us too.

We've junked, we've created, we've sold, we've junked some more...

Now... we're focused on getting current on our little blog in the world. 

So watch for more COMING SOON!    We've missed you - need to share stories, pictures and adventures.

So until then...  
 ♥ one vintage hag