Monday, June 11, 2012

where does the time go?...

wow... doesn't seem possible that our last post was in the Winter.

never our intent to do a blog with the Seasons we're getting a little help from a few blogging friends to freshen up and revamp the one vintage hag blog spot.  yay!

in an effort to catch you up so you'll know what we've been up to around Vintage Village...

We've welcomed talented dealers Leigh Ann & Lisa (SS), Jenny & Lindsey (TKJ), Allison (L&F), Rachel and Aimee (JAR), Barbara (BGF), and the Nest spot to Vintage Village this year.

We've welcomed "The Shop" to the cottage behind Vintage Village.  Danielle and DJ have the cutest little shop (much like us just smaller) so you'll want to visit with them when you by as well.  We need to invite them to do a guest post on our blog so you can get to know them.

We've freshened up the floor plan, we've painted a few walls, we've added some industrial metal shelves for rent. 

One of the "hags" retired.  GOOD FOR HER!  But still has a small space with us so we're tickled about that. 

We said goodbye to Nannie Hag the end of February.  Gosh, still miss her like crazy (guessing we always will)!  But draw comfort in the fact that shes at peace, free of pain and watching over us.

We're excited for grand baby #1 due December 2012. 

We've got a Vintage Village facebook page where you can visit with us too.

We've junked, we've created, we've sold, we've junked some more...

Now... we're focused on getting current on our little blog in the world. 

So watch for more COMING SOON!    We've missed you - need to share stories, pictures and adventures.

So until then...  
 ♥ one vintage hag

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