Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Cherish your Daddy's... kiss them on the cheek if you have that chance.

Doesn't seem possible that 8 years ago this month we lost our Daddy.  Fondly referred to as "Butch" by not only his grandchildren, but friends and the girls at Vintage Village and of course, Nannie who started that nickname in the first place.  Some days I still reach for the phone to call and ask him a quick question or share a laugh.  Some days I see his truck pass by, it's owned by retired principle who is currently an antique dealer in our area so it's still hauling treasures.  Bet that would make "Butch" happy.  Anyways... was working in the office at the Village today and noticed his picture at home on my bookshelf and thought I'd do quick post. 

If you still have your "Daddy" take a minute to give him a kiss on the cheek.  Call and tell him you love him... If he's anything like my Dad was that will make his day.

Thursday I spent the day with my sweet daughter, Lindsey.  She and her husband are expecting their first baby in December.  Thus, I'm expecting my first grandchild.  Excited!!! (doesn't even begin to describe it...).  As we shopped, lunched, shopped some more, found the best deal of the day an 84 cent pair of maternity jeans at Old Navy, shared dinner with her Dad.  This sweet doe was munching out on all the fresh mimosa blooms at Vintage Village.  I shared a post on facebook that we were a bit low on the pretty pink blossoms as this sweet lady ate them all. Butch would have enjoyed seeing her.  He had hunting buddies, a little camper in the woods he'd frequent during deer season.  Only two problems with that as his friends often shared.... he shaved every morning of his life, then used aftershave.  Deer kinda smell that.  He loved to talk... yep, bet he sat in that deer stand commenting on how pretty a passing doe was or wishing a big old buck a fine good morning.  Nope, never brought home a deer.  Nannie was sure happy about that. 

I miss my parents every day ~ on days like these its just a reminder to cherish each day they pass far too quickly!

♥ one vintage hag

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