Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Week of Great Lunches ~ With Special Folks of course...

So, it's been a week of great lunches.
Some because I had a birthday this week and my family treats me like a queen.
Some just because I have outstanding gracious friends.
Wanted to share a special lunch today with all of you. Now, not to push my other two lunches out this week under the table ~ Tuesday... Watershed with My Man. Now that is a great place, one of my favorites in Decatur. Wednesday, Urban Flats with My Mom, Nannie ~ that just may be my favorite place to dine out. Today, a Special Lunch in the home of Flower Wower ~ that's Rachel. A dear sweet friend that I had the pleasure of meeting when she joined us briefly at the village ~ she'll be back with a big splash but for now a break.
I see now why. If I lived in her home ~ with these beautifully landscaped gardens I'd stay home awhile too. I could have stayed with them until nightfall or beyond. But, with a special event this evening at the village ~ I had to force myself to leave ~
Petals-N-Pots was coming but more about that later.
Everywhere we looked something beautiful ~ you can tell that Rachel spends many hours in this remarkable yard. Her paradise... and it shows. Nannie and I had the pleasure of
enjoying a few hours for a garden tour & delicious lunch.

Roux (her sweet kitty), Rachel & her Darling Mother welcomed us to her screen porch for a mouth watering lunch. Again, awe & amazed at the beautiful view.
I could spend hours here watching the birds.

See... Roux likes watching all those birds feasting too.

During lunch, my eyes wandered ~ every spot planned carefully.
Herbs, bird baths, container gardens. Just to name a few of the eye candy during our time on the porch with these special ladies. A few post ago I mentioned "mad talent" ~ well guess what. Rachel has it... her lovely home, screen porch and all you can see beyond. I mentioned lunch... well it was fabulous. A terrific salad, crostini (is that right, hope you know what i mean ~ toasted bread with melted cheese ~ fresh herbs & tomatoes on top) ~ fresh watermelon ~ and dessert of lemon sorbet & brownies. Y-U-M.
I could eat that again for dinner.

Gorgeous colors grouped together for delight. Several vignettes like the one above
with these container gardens captivated my attention as our tour around her yard began.

A room with a view for sure. Trees, sweet shrubs, azaleas ~ are just a few in her gardens.
She even has a bulb garden, the iris were just beginning to wave their pretty purple blooms.

Mattered not in we were in the front or back ~ it's magnificent indeed.

Oh, and the lake ~ actually her back yard is on the lake spillway.
Ducks, geese & the beautiful water reflecting only those pretty colors.
Wow, just plain wow. As I said... I could stay here forever.

I know, first a lake then cat food. Rachel has a small family of beautiful cats ~ ferrel that have taken up in her backyard. I would too if I were them. Some bob tail ~ Some just adorable. She feeds them & provides clean drinking water daily, too. This gal does a bit of everything each day. A busy bee like me ~ I'm just in a place not quite so full of wonders.

Those kitty's have a path through her carpet (oh, that's grass) to gain access to their vittles.

Birds too. Why she has some of everything to feed. Only the best for her feathered friends.
Sunflowers that have already been shelled.

My guess is that once they are fattened up from their constant eating. A place to
call home in the tree. They build a nest and raise their young in this wonderland.
Wouldn't you if you could take up residence in a place so full of beauty.
She wonders why the ferrel's took up here... du?

Hydrangea's will be pretty. I know where to go for my dried arrangements this fall.
Just call her up ~ tell her I need some pretty blooms ~ Is what I will do. Rachel ~ time spent in your home & screen porch & yard ~ something I hope to do again real soon.

Each day a gift ~ with my special family & friends. I hope that everyone has these blessings and is grateful and appreciative with each opportunity. Now, next it will be my turn. I'll treat for a lunch on our patio ~ maybe Rachel & her sweet Mom will be my quest. I might just have a surprise for that day. I'm up to something on the patio ~ can't wait to share. It's not ready for that yet... but soon. I can't think of a better way to spend a beautiful day ~
outdoors in the company of sweet folks.
Memories to cherish. I sure am thankful for each day ~ a new gift to share.
smiles...~one vintage hag

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Special Friends of Mine....Whimsy, Sam & Vintage Village

Not just any day ~ but everyday... Grateful for such terrific friends.
Whimsy, Sam & Vintage Village celebrate their birthdays
with me today, on mine. What a very Special Day~!
Thankful for their constant never ending laughs, love, joy & friendships.
Appreciative for all the special friendships~
these special people & places are entwined with mine.
May our year ahead be full of those things outstanding ~wonderful memories ~
fabulous opportunity's for each of us ~ more friends with each day to celebrate with.
hApPy bIrThDaY
Good Friends
by: Jane D. Tilley

Good friends, like colorful flowers,
keep blooming in and out of one's life.
Some are small and delicate of nature;
others are large and aggressive.

All are welcome and a pleasure to behold,
whether gathered as a mixed bouquet or like a single rose.

All enhance one's life and help one's personality to grow.
What a blend of bouquets and potpourri is gathered in a lifetime.

A true and colorful assortment of memories,
and good friends are forever.
Copyright ©2009 Jane D. Tilley
smiles....~one vintage hag

Monday, April 27, 2009

Do you ever wonder what this ~hag is up to.... well basically I'm always busy, good busy.

Wonder you do. About what this ~hag is up to.
Well it's really quite simple ~ she's busy. Good busy but just plain busy.
When I'm not packaging up Janna ~Artsy Fartsy's giveaway package,
celebrating Vintage Village's 12~th birthday, shopping for junk, or posting on this little blog
these days... I can be found in the garden. Which garden? Well, all of them.
Above is the outside hag lane garden at the village.
Whimsy, Ratso, Lbi & Carlique helped with that too,
I will be found giving credit where credit is due.

I can be found planting baby knock out roses ~ always enjoy ours at home so the village
needed some for sure. This baby will be big in no time ~ watch & see.

Or perhaps you can find me ~ taking pictures of Carlique's toad abode ~
a special addition on hag lane.
It's hard to tell with this photo but these old clay pots have much moss ~ to provide a cool
damp toad habitat for those darling (maybe not) toads
who chose to reside with us in the hag lane garden.

Maybe, I'll be found trying to capture the beauty of this multi colored lantana ~ a favorite on my list ~ nestled in the wheelbarrow at the village with this
beautiful vintage pink light cover
who's homes here because it's broken pretty bad.
So, re purposed in this garden spot to reflect the light of the sun.

Or, you just may find me at home in those favorite garden spots. In the front garden
of our home ~ cozy, quaint & even some of my favorite chippy junk for our little abode.
Rabbits ~ situated amongst all our favorite posies that we enjoy year round.

Amongst my favorites at home ~ Lambs Ear, Shasta Daisy's, Knock out Roses ~ are just a few with this chippy garden rake with a darling birdhouse ~ that we actually leased to a small finch this year for her nest & babies. Her real estate agent said it was the prime spot ~ I could be found worrying about this nest~ being so close to the ground ~
Changa, the Siamese cat is around our home often to visit with Sebastian~
I didn't want Mama's precious bird babies to be in harms way.
Shhhh... I told them as I watered posies, they were all very quite...
now, they have grown large enough to fly away.

Rabbits... more rabbits... ~ you can find me with them.
The wonderful striped wave petunia's would be a great snack for a hungry rabbit.
So, they are perfectly placed for an anytime snack.

Then, I could also be found plucking spent blooms from our posies.
Colors so pretty & bright. We have bloom offerings of pinks, whites, yellows...
are just a few. Why there is purple, red & blue too.
I can be found hoping that this years crop will be large enough for vases filled to the brim with posies from the garden, our garden.

Early mornings you can always find me watering the beautiful double clematis ~
it's bloom show only days away.
The geranium as well ~ it lives in this darling iron bird planter in white ~
a favorite gift from a special bud.

I could use a bit more time being found on the back patio for sure...
sometimes there aren't enough hours in my days. The cherubs await with more bunnies for some pretty posies this season to grow out back.
Of course, you can always find me... with Sebastian if were home in the garden.
I've never seen a dog that smells flowers before, he does ~ every single one.

You might just find me celebrating a birthday ~ mine.
April 28th~ a special day with My Man.
We had a little party with some special family on Sunday night ~ tomorrow is the actual day.
My card from the Man said... I get to pick my present~! Interesting, wonder where I'll be doing the picking... a junk store, a book store, a GPS store (i need that for navigating) or a store that sells a camera that will fit in my pocket? Celebratory, I'm really not. Lunch at a favorite place with David will be loads of fun. Should I take my camera? Maybe I will. I need to take pictures of all the special presents I've already received...
they are all just perfect. Wait til you see.
April 28 is also the actual Opening Day 12 years ago at the "village".
It's also the birthday of my longtime bud & fellow junker ~ Whimsy.
It's also the birthday of favorite Aunt Judy ~ remember her?
And the birthday of a Sam ~ sweet precious husband of Terri a dealer in the village family.
Busy... just plain good busy. living each day to the fullest. ~one vintage hag

Sunday, April 26, 2009

And the winner Is.... 100~th Post Giveaway

And the Winner Is...
I'm thrilled that this 100~th post giveaway
has allowed those of you who don't really even know me to take a peak at my life as a ~hag.
Thanks for all my wonderful blog friends who sent so many of you
over to check out this little blog.
Thanks to all of you that registered.
Thanks to all of you who have added this little blog to those you follow.
Theresa (Time Worn Interiors) will be proud ~ I ended up with 5 pages of names.
Yeah ~ my only regret I have is that I didn't start blogging sooner.
There will be many more giveaways ~ so drop by often for a visit.
So, once all typed up & cut apart the entries went into a vintage biscuit jar ~
to be present at my little early birthday party ~ Dinner then Ice Cream Cake this afternoon.
Ended up being just the boys ~ David, Clayton & Nannie.
You know Lindsey lives over an hour away ~ Grammie wasn't feeling well so she and Pappy didn't come either. So, back to my giveaway results.
At random, I placed the jar in front of my witty Son, Clayton.
Our Army National Guards Man.
As usual for him... something smart to say...
and whatever this happens to be he does with his fingers.
Nannie didn't really know what my giveaway was so that had to be explained as well.

For what seemed like forever ~ he fished around the names, stirring them up.
Then over and over the names went ~ 100 times I'm certain.

Can you see that.....? It says...
Artsy Fartsy ~ Janna

I'll send her an email now ~ and let her know the package will be in the mail quickly.
Congratulations ~ Janna who lives in Waxhaw, NC
go check out her blog ~ you'll love it as much as I do, I'm sure.

So glad that she will have this package ~ we share many characteristics.... both from North Carolina (she lives there anyway) ~the love of junk~ she's married to her best friend ~ She has fun no matter what ~ she has dogs ~ she adores chippy (look 2chippys) ~ and she actually has a disease that we both share junkin'... My kinda girl.

only the best.... ~one vintage hag

Birthday Bash 12 years old Vintage Village ~ Wiped today ~ Joyful for a new blog ~ Giveaway tonight, remember....

It's our 12th Birthday @ Vintage Village ~
Festivities underway ~ every day a special treat for our precious valued customers ~
appreciative for their continued generous patronage over these memorable 12 years.
Cupcakes ~ yes, those were for our Friday.

Our four legged special friend, Charlie ~ came by for a visit on Saturday.
At day's end ~ we felt just like Charlie did ~ wiped~!
In a good way for sure. Much hard work ~ much water ~ much sun ~ wiped at days end.

Ella's back from her special trip with Kim ~ to Paris.
She picked her birthday hat ~ a chenille lampshade.

At the crack... that's before daylight ~ we were up preparing for our special day.
Our first 2009 Parking Lot Sale.
Bargain's galore amidst the many tents in front of our cozy shop.
It was a marvelous day.

Lot's to choose from ~ this great wonderful chippy garden set in pink was one
of the offerings on our hot pavement Saturday.
It's a beauty ~ just right chippy ~ see Laurie & LuLu...

Tents, tents & more tents.
I didn't have a tent ~ but did have a cooler of ice cold drinks.
Today, aglow with yesterday's sunshine all over my face, shoulders, arms & some leg.
We had help from hubbies & our village friends ~ days like this we need all the friends we can get ~ to sell others items, help loading treasures for customers ~ even in tent set up.
Thanks to all who offered help.

You've heard we offer all but the kitchen sink.
That's true everyday.
Saturday, we had all including a 2000 Harley Davidson.
Look Cat Daddy ~ we needed you and Trash Talk for a test drive.

Ms. Willie was there ~ with her made from scratch cakes & breads.
I got a whole chocolate pound cake... Y~U~M~!

Whimsy had her darling daughter, Hannah selling with us.
What a cutie ~ glad we had some time with her today.
I got something from her... but it's a secret. Lindsey looks in & it happens to
be for her ~ a special shower decoration she will surely adore.

The birthday bash continues til May 8. Special every day.
Wait til you see our other special days. I have many pictures yet to share.
Can't end this portion of the post without a big XO to the special hubby's at the village.
Of all days... our air conditioning went out upstairs.
It was 84 at 6:00 a.m. ~ William came by from our service company and pumped our unit full of freon ~ then, later in the day. Paul & Jimmy went up the roof shoot to check on the iced up unit before we turned it back on. Made me a nervous wreck... ice thawed... hubby's off the roof that's close to the sky... we have air again. Yeah... cool for our hot Georgia Days...
Happy Birthday today ~ Mr. Lew ~ Jimmy~!

I've told you before about our special friend ~ talented village dealer ~ resident mermaid.
That's Dari. She offers us all help including me... on any web issue.
She told me how to do this little blog... and I did. Happy to have this special venue to use a bit of my time in. Happy to have all my new blog friends & for the connection to those friends I miss. Anyway, Dari who's getting married in the Bahamas the end of May ~
now has a blog of her own. She's joined ~
and my little blog whom all have blogs where you can get a better look at what we adore ~ including the village.
Go visit now... you won't be disappointed. Her new blog ~ musings of a sea witch.
As her heading proclaims ~ she does have the ability to exist underwater ~
we are most grateful that she exist in our land.
A fabulous talented amazing generous spirit ~ in our midst.
Her first post... left me with teary eyes. She's very kind, you'll see.
I'll be checking in on her blog daily now ~ along with all those other places I visit.
Another reason to have a grateful spirit ~ another who shares all that inspiration.
My daily doses from each of you every day.

My first little 100th post blog giveaway tonight ~ 7 p.m.
Is your name in the hag hamper ?
Having company later today ~ special family for ice cream & cake for my special day.
The 28th ~ my birthday. It's also Aunt Judy/Whimsy/Sam & Vintage Village's, birthday too.
I'll have your name in the hamper ~ 7 p.m. this evening.
birthdays are so much fun. grateful for all the village buds... ~one vintage hag

Friday, April 24, 2009

Vintage Village Birthday Bash Gold Buy ~ Sale ~ Many more Special Days upcoming

Happy 12th Birthday Vintage Village
the festivities are underway ~ Our Thursday Gold Buy
another fun time ~ lots of gold/sterling/gems sold
to our favorites Louis & Anissa.
(another gold buy chance ~ an evening event sometime in May before school gets out ~ stay tuned
our customers/dealers alike adore this special event ~ come to the next one for sure)
I can remember buying my first antique secretary when I was in high school ~ the lady that owned the store was so nice. She let me put it on layaway since I was a student with little money from my part~time job. I still have that special piece ~ think I will keep it forever.
That was the beginning of my love for antiques & collectibles of my very own.
I remember as a much younger girl ~ like the picture of Nana and I on my blog page ~ going on treasure hunts with my sweet parents ~ they adored the hunt for bargains too ~ so guess I got that gene from them. I can remember wondering if I would ever have a store like that ladies where I purchased that secretary on layaway... so, it is. After being a dealer for a few years in other shops ~ my dream came true ~! Largely due to a fabulous~ wonderful~terrific~ brilliant partner ~ who's my dear friend & our banker. 12 years have passed ~ those early days were so scary ~ not many dealers, not much good stuff, not much to hang on to. Now, well you know we have come along way. I'm grateful for this lovely shop ~ our wonderful talented dealers ~ all our marvelous vintage inventory ~ and on and on....
Each day a new gift in my dream come true.

Jim is Nancy's husband ~ she is one of our many special dealers.
He came early to collect his loot ~ and walked away happy indeed.
Nancy... is he talking on his phone to you?

Wren/Braves/Elsa & Cp helped on this first day of festivities.
We had refreshments from Chick~fil~a & enjoyed every bite.
A special treat each day until May 8 ~ wait til you see what we are eating today.

Sales, Sales, Sales ~ Each booth has Sales.
Today, my quest ~ pictures of those items on Sale.

Chick fil a ~ Brownies... of course, we had something fattening too.

Little ones... patiently waiting ~ think they may be my favorite part.
This is Lane ~ grandson of Tlw's ~ eating a lollipop while "Grannie" sold some jewels.

Paulina was a happy little customer too. She laughed and loved having her picture taken
while Mom, Rosa waited her turn.

Can hardly wait to get back to the village today.... always special festivities.
More pictures for sure. I'm certain the sidewalk will be full of sale items today.
Special treat today ~ tomorrow, our first Parking Lot Sale of 2009.
Wonder... if LuLu (2chippys) will really camp in her RV overnight for the sale tomorrow ~ or better than that... wonder.... if she will show up in her birthday suit. Either way, she really needs to come see us.
Post 110, I think ~ the 100-th post giveaway is Sunday evening... I have found it impossible to not post ~ but do register, I'd love to mail this special goodie box to your home.
thrilled with the village festivities.... ~one vintage hag