Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Week of Great Lunches ~ With Special Folks of course...

So, it's been a week of great lunches.
Some because I had a birthday this week and my family treats me like a queen.
Some just because I have outstanding gracious friends.
Wanted to share a special lunch today with all of you. Now, not to push my other two lunches out this week under the table ~ Tuesday... Watershed with My Man. Now that is a great place, one of my favorites in Decatur. Wednesday, Urban Flats with My Mom, Nannie ~ that just may be my favorite place to dine out. Today, a Special Lunch in the home of Flower Wower ~ that's Rachel. A dear sweet friend that I had the pleasure of meeting when she joined us briefly at the village ~ she'll be back with a big splash but for now a break.
I see now why. If I lived in her home ~ with these beautifully landscaped gardens I'd stay home awhile too. I could have stayed with them until nightfall or beyond. But, with a special event this evening at the village ~ I had to force myself to leave ~
Petals-N-Pots was coming but more about that later.
Everywhere we looked something beautiful ~ you can tell that Rachel spends many hours in this remarkable yard. Her paradise... and it shows. Nannie and I had the pleasure of
enjoying a few hours for a garden tour & delicious lunch.

Roux (her sweet kitty), Rachel & her Darling Mother welcomed us to her screen porch for a mouth watering lunch. Again, awe & amazed at the beautiful view.
I could spend hours here watching the birds.

See... Roux likes watching all those birds feasting too.

During lunch, my eyes wandered ~ every spot planned carefully.
Herbs, bird baths, container gardens. Just to name a few of the eye candy during our time on the porch with these special ladies. A few post ago I mentioned "mad talent" ~ well guess what. Rachel has it... her lovely home, screen porch and all you can see beyond. I mentioned lunch... well it was fabulous. A terrific salad, crostini (is that right, hope you know what i mean ~ toasted bread with melted cheese ~ fresh herbs & tomatoes on top) ~ fresh watermelon ~ and dessert of lemon sorbet & brownies. Y-U-M.
I could eat that again for dinner.

Gorgeous colors grouped together for delight. Several vignettes like the one above
with these container gardens captivated my attention as our tour around her yard began.

A room with a view for sure. Trees, sweet shrubs, azaleas ~ are just a few in her gardens.
She even has a bulb garden, the iris were just beginning to wave their pretty purple blooms.

Mattered not in we were in the front or back ~ it's magnificent indeed.

Oh, and the lake ~ actually her back yard is on the lake spillway.
Ducks, geese & the beautiful water reflecting only those pretty colors.
Wow, just plain wow. As I said... I could stay here forever.

I know, first a lake then cat food. Rachel has a small family of beautiful cats ~ ferrel that have taken up in her backyard. I would too if I were them. Some bob tail ~ Some just adorable. She feeds them & provides clean drinking water daily, too. This gal does a bit of everything each day. A busy bee like me ~ I'm just in a place not quite so full of wonders.

Those kitty's have a path through her carpet (oh, that's grass) to gain access to their vittles.

Birds too. Why she has some of everything to feed. Only the best for her feathered friends.
Sunflowers that have already been shelled.

My guess is that once they are fattened up from their constant eating. A place to
call home in the tree. They build a nest and raise their young in this wonderland.
Wouldn't you if you could take up residence in a place so full of beauty.
She wonders why the ferrel's took up here... du?

Hydrangea's will be pretty. I know where to go for my dried arrangements this fall.
Just call her up ~ tell her I need some pretty blooms ~ Is what I will do. Rachel ~ time spent in your home & screen porch & yard ~ something I hope to do again real soon.

Each day a gift ~ with my special family & friends. I hope that everyone has these blessings and is grateful and appreciative with each opportunity. Now, next it will be my turn. I'll treat for a lunch on our patio ~ maybe Rachel & her sweet Mom will be my quest. I might just have a surprise for that day. I'm up to something on the patio ~ can't wait to share. It's not ready for that yet... but soon. I can't think of a better way to spend a beautiful day ~
outdoors in the company of sweet folks.
Memories to cherish. I sure am thankful for each day ~ a new gift to share.
smiles...~one vintage hag

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  1. Beautiful post. Ratso's green spaces remind me of my dad's gardens. How he loved them and we had every kind imagineable from 100's yes 100s of rose bushes, rock gardens and bird feeders/houses. Ratso's home and grounds call you to them.