Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Special Friends of Mine....Whimsy, Sam & Vintage Village

Not just any day ~ but everyday... Grateful for such terrific friends.
Whimsy, Sam & Vintage Village celebrate their birthdays
with me today, on mine. What a very Special Day~!
Thankful for their constant never ending laughs, love, joy & friendships.
Appreciative for all the special friendships~
these special people & places are entwined with mine.
May our year ahead be full of those things outstanding ~wonderful memories ~
fabulous opportunity's for each of us ~ more friends with each day to celebrate with.
hApPy bIrThDaY
Good Friends
by: Jane D. Tilley

Good friends, like colorful flowers,
keep blooming in and out of one's life.
Some are small and delicate of nature;
others are large and aggressive.

All are welcome and a pleasure to behold,
whether gathered as a mixed bouquet or like a single rose.

All enhance one's life and help one's personality to grow.
What a blend of bouquets and potpourri is gathered in a lifetime.

A true and colorful assortment of memories,
and good friends are forever.
Copyright ©2009 Jane D. Tilley
smiles....~one vintage hag


  1. Hope you are having a glorious birthday! love ya!!! c.p.

  2. Happy birthday to you! And many, many, more!!!

  3. Oh, forgot two things!

    1. Charlie is a different dog now that he is on Down to Earth Dog Food! He was acting like a puppy last night doing things we haven't seen in years -- grabbing a toy, shoving it in the other dogs faces, challenging them and us to tug of war. Unbelievable. Normally, he just lies around and sleeps, or groans. I'm absolutely blown away. Thank YOU Vintage Village for introducing me to this food. WOW!

    2. I was at the shop until 9:00 p.m. last night helping my new booth-mate set up shop. Welcome Susan (code name "Knee")! I think she'll be a wonderful addition to a stellar group of groovey women and men!

  4. all those delicious looking cake cups are making me FAT....i am going to have to whip up a batch and eat the real thing! YUM-O