Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our "Grand~Daughters" ~ Other Special Ones ~ Post 92

"Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes,
by dozens and hundreds. Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows,
brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, comrades and friends"
~chicken soup for the soul

One day while browsing through our emails ~ I noticed matter of fact one from Lindsey "Our Daughters" ~ ummmmm, what daughters? First thought ~ what in the world have they done?..... heart beating a bit fast, you open the email ~ and it is their "daughters" ~ Bailey & Carson. Had you going for a minute didn't' I.... see I knew better. Most of you know and if you don't you will learn today ~ Lindsey is a "doll" ~ she is a precious gift complete with her sincere commitments, loving spirit ~ genuine care.

And, yes they treat their animals like "children" ~ just like we do. Today, it will be fun to visit Lindsey & her fiance, Steven for dinner ~ in their new home. Milestones... if you have "little ones" don't miss a second of their lives~ because when you turn around and count to 3 they are buying a home ~ grown up ~ getting married. Oh, how time flies.

Anyways ~ Lindsey is on Spring Break this week ~ Douglas County High School Spanish Teacher ~ so, she and Steven invited us out ~ spend some time with them, the grand~daughters this afternoon. Can't wait. I'm taking goodies ~ but you can't see those yet ~ Lindsey might poke her head in this little blog ~ don't want to spoil any secrets.

Back to front ~ Lindsey ~ Carson ~ Bailey

"Our Daughters"

~ this was the picture in that email. Wow, Carson the husky/malamute mix has grown
~ she is the youngest but biggest.

Steven & Carson ~ might be on the "silver comet trail" they walk there some.

Chillin... ~ in the family room on a blanket... Carson have you been "digging" ~
Is that a bit of "red clay" I see on your back legs?

Littler ~ Carson ~ when she was about Bailey's size.
Oh, and I love their names.
Our Grand~daughters will get their "Easter baskets" today.

Carson ~ at a year old, almost. So beautiful ~ so big ~!

Baby Bailey winking for a treat. She's the oldest ~ the sweetest.
First grand~daughters,
they always have a special place in our "hearts".

The caption at the beginning of this 92~nd post ~ mentions "beautiful things"
coming in "many" ~ even dozens ~
well, there are at least a dozen probably more "special sons & daughters"
like these two we know...
grand or not ~ they all hold that special place in our hearts.

Our favorite Great Dane ~ Lucy
excellent illustration by ~Hannah. Rest in Peace "Sweet Girl".

Sweet Kota ~ she is the village web designers daughter.

Darling Maci ~ she's our friend with cancer. Poor baby~!
Her Daddy is so funny ~ he has good jokes always.... "hey, Sam..."
Keep eating that new good for you food, we told Mom about darling Maci..

Awww, this is Sweet Maggie ~ she has a brother, a sister & their Mom to live with.
Actually 3 sisters, if you count her 2 legged ones.
Two Moms... one is a "Shack Pack" ~ Whimsy.
This sweetie pie loved "Lucy" above ~ bet she misses her too.

Hogan is Maggie's brother.... you might just be the "only guy" I mention today~
what a great FSU fan he is.
Everyone loves "Hogan".

UNC won last night little man ~ better luck next time for your "team".

Some have "squirrel daughters" ~ like Mary. Reminded me, I should tell your Autumn's story.
First, ~ go watch her video. (Autumn leaves the nest... box on the home page of this blog)
That should give you a great beginning, then I will do a post just for
"Mary & Autumn" really soon. Camp is a special member of the "village family" ~
all this went on in her home.

Some have "bunnies" ~It's almost Easter. We're celebrating a week early with
our Special Gift... Daughter, Lindsey ~ her fiance, Steven & Yes, their "daughters" our "grand~daughters" today. Pictures, oh yes...
will be taken so I can share more "today" with all of you. There are many more "special 4 legged friends we have... today, just a few were recognized.
Special... that's what this 92~nd post is about. Enjoy those that are "special" to you every second of every day. Don't ever waste the gift of opportunity.
gracious... ~one vintage hag
p.s ~ The Charm House asked if you could copy my pictures... sure, matters not to me.

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