Monday, April 6, 2009

The "Shack Out Back" ~ "Shack Pack" hard at work....

We've all heard that when one door closes a window opens....
chicken soup for the soul says ~Never mind the “day”…seize the “opportunity!”
A new day indeed for Vintage Village ~ a new opportunity for growth.
"The Shack Out Back" is almost ready ~ you are welcome to peak inside ~ they are there finishing up their masterpiece with their special canvas....all in the cozy confines of the cute cottage in the back of the "village" be ready for the
Grand Opening Festivities
"The Shack Out Back"
April 19 ~ 25, 2009
The "Shack Pack" has made excellent use of each day given each of the these three ~
they have busted it the past 6 just for you,
a photo tour of the transformation
into "The Shack Out Back".

Cozy, Simply Cozy ~ with fresh coats of paint, new flowers & garden art ~
how simply stunning. A place that I certainly want to do some shopping.
Saturday, April 4 their first sale ~ $9.00 to a "real customer".
Be sure to frame that first "buck" shack pack.

A darling outside to Welcome their Special Customers. Windows, painted by Whimsy.
Brick borders ~ placed with the points up ~ plates do adorn this front garden ~ chairs
for flowers. A true delight for your shopping pleasure, even outside.

Our kind of place for sure. Loving the new wall words ~ it's a new day for the "Shack".
Fresh Flowers, Fresh Scents, Fresh Owners, Fresh ~ just all Fresh.

And a back patio to adorn... Whimsy loves gardening...
~ can't wait to see what she comes up with for the "outside patio" enclosed shopping.
It will be the BEST, I'm sure of that.

Piggy ~ now she is probably the "inside boss"... maybe, she is fighting with the lights.
All well lite now, hu....?? Pigster.
Their working on their blog too. Got to have a blog for the "Shack Out Back"...
See, gardening... weeding ~ new soil for new idea's. This will be stunning once complete.

See, how darling!~. Everything we need for interesting garden spots. We too have one of these garden spots up front beside the "village" ~ can't wait for more sure weather to finish ours up.

Under cover... what's this "Shack Pack"???

No wonder Ella is no where to be found... she's been the carpenter.
What a simply outstanding counter ~ can we have one up front, pretty please....?
The "Shack Pack" all has their own duties... what each is good at ~ that's a great idea "pack".

Already... new vignettes... It will be a shopping paradise, just like inside the "village".
Don't you love this?

Had a sneak peak at this terrific secretary ~ $95.00 is that right?
Call the "village" (770.978.0013) and we will put you in touch with the "Shack".

What's wrong "Whimsy" you tired now? Come on girl... keep creating, we're already loving the ~

"Shack Out Back"

so much already.... as mentioned earlier ~ you are welcome to come "take a peak" ~ as they ready the "shack" for their Grand Opening. We are honored to have these gals putting on the new show out back... don't miss it next time you are by the "village" ~ you'll be happy with these changes out back too... we're sure of that.

Birthday Bash ~ the "Village" will be 12 year old ~ on April 28, 2009

Sales, Special festivities are in the works. It's our Birthday but YOU get all the presents. Promises a fun time.

April 23~ Kicks Off the Festivities with a Gold Buy 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. ~

April 25 our first parking lot sale of 2009 with bargains galore outside.

Sales in the "village" for our Vintage Village Birthday Bash ~ April 23 ~ May 8.

Don't miss a minute of our "happenings" .... remember, YOU get the Presents.

Excited... ~one vintage hag

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