Thursday, April 23, 2009

sPeCiAl Folks ~ Those with Mad Talent ~ The Little White Guy wants to be a movie star

Be yourself. An original is always worth more than a copy.
Sometimes it's the littlest of things that make the biggest impact for me each day.
A little thing like going junkin' one Saturday with the gals ~ We met the most amazing gals.
Those kinds of gals that have Mad Talent.
There is Mad Talent most anywhere you just have to step back and recognize
that it is what it is.
You'll notice I've changed my play list around this morning ~ to recognize some of those folks with this kind of talent ~ David Archuleta, Adam Lambert & Kris Allen just to name a few.
Now, if you are reading this post you will notice right away there are others with Mad Talent apparant in all they do. A couple of these gals are part of the ones I met on that junkin' trip that Saturday. I'd love to tell you about them. Do you happen to know the 2chippys? Laurie & LuLu ~ they possess that Mad Talent that astounds me, even after all these years in my business of bliss. Oh, I've heard lots over the years about these girls.... I see now why there such good friends with many of you ~ like Time Worn Interiors, Theresa.
By now you must know that anytime my friend the camera comes out in our home,
there is this precious little white guy named Sebastian that has to be the center
of all our photographs.
Think maybe he wants to be a movie star... what a ham.
Sebastian, what are you wearing ~ is that my......
original LuLu 2chippys Junk Necklace?

This is ~ LuLu ~ this wild & somewhat crazy lady will do most anything to make us laugh.
Mad Talent ~ It's in there ~ apparent in all that she touches.
I am know the proud owner of one of her many Original Junk Necklaces.
It's around my neck ~ to wear proudly. One she made just for me...
See Cyndi~ ByLightOfMoon mine does
have bling.... & of course... diamonds ~!

My new junk necklace is a favored possession ~ only had it a few days but unlike all those gold & sterling pieces that will be sold today at the village ~ my necklace will not be. For any price ~ it's just all mine to treasure. Did you want to see?

With so many junks (not really) ~ it's hard to get into one picture.
Cyndi ~ do you see all my green & blue diamonds ~ they are very rare.

So, I tried a different background ~ my counter top. Do you see all the junk pieces?

Then it hit me ~ it's a 2chippys ~ so I'll take pictures in my chippy wheelbarrow out front.
Just for you LuLu ~ chippy enough for you? It's one of my fav's in the garden.
I may even like it better than all those pretty posies.
Not the necklace ~ the chippy wheelbarrow.

Had to shoo the little crow away who was pecking at my junk jewels...

We all cherish those things favorite. For me, a new junk necklace from my new friend LuLu ~ 2chippys. My next purchase or should I say neck purchase ~ will be a Laurie ~ 2chippys necklace. These gals have every ounce of that mad talent we all wish for. You haven't met them? Make that a priority ~ I hope with each visit to their spot that some of their mad talent will jump out and land on my shoulder ~ they are amongst my fav's to shop with & to covet my junk purchases from.

mad talent ~ i'll take some of that, please.... ~one vintage hag

(lulu registered for my 100-th post giveaway... have you?)


  1. I love my girls, Lulu and Laurie! I have a bracelet Lulu made and a necklace by Laurie and I wouldn't take a million dollars for my jewelry or them. I thought for the longest they were a two-headed I just call 'em my Georgia Honey Baked Hams! Wear it in pride, my dear. It just doesn't get any better!

  2. I don't know what to say...that is just about the sweetest and kindest tribute. You really make me take a deep breath. Thank you so much! It means the world! And I know Lauri feels the same way(she's up to her patootie finishing a job).
    I admit, I am one mad&crazy hen!
    and thnx, Too Trash for your sweetness also.
    I'm gonna have to have my ears chopped off so i can get through the doorway!
    oxoxox lulu

  3. Hey Deborah, thank you so much for all the sweet words. We are not worthy..... Love your blog and all your posts. Hope to see you again soon. Lauri@chippys