Saturday, April 4, 2009

Post 91... countdown is on ~ It's Spring Time ~ "Bird Nest" Fascinating.

You'll be pleased to know that I did finish taxes, paperwork yesterday.
Susan & Linda ~ it only took a complete bag of "tiny jelly bird eggs" that's would be the fancy name for "little jelly beans" ~ just like the "chocolate kisses" at valentines ~ these splendid little treats helped me to accomplish all that need to be done in the office.
Guess I'll be walking at the park next week to get rid of some of that....
Anyway ~ that's reason #1 for a post on "nest" ~ holding those special eggs.

Another of the wonders of Spring. All creatures great & small are working on their nest.
A home for their chicks. I've been watching a Mother Falcon at the "village" ~ in the woods beside the shop build her nest of sticks, straw, twigs
~ now watching her find food for her young.
She began a little earlier than the small birds at work now.
To me, it's all the same ~ fascinating.
That's reason #2 for this post.

I'm sure you have seen the Robin's Nest and then those cute baby birds making there way in the world as they learn to fly ~ most all yards in the South have a "Robin" and her young.
So, lets call that reason #3 for this post.

If you blog like most ~ I'm sure you "look around" at the other blogs ~ fresh perspective
and new motivation ~ that's what I get while "looking around" ~ found a delightful new to me blog one day this week ~
from the "Sugar Plum Cottage" blog ~ darling little nest
great idea to add to a big fat glass jar ~ i think even I could handle that. This blog is worth
many looks ~ don't miss it.
This is reason #4 and probably the most important reason I did this post on "nest".
What, you don't see a nest? Neither did I really, sure I saw some pine straw poking out under this board in the window box of our Storage Building at the shop ~ but I was on a quest to find something the "shack pack" needed Wednesday evening ~ so, passing this box ~ yes, I did lift the board. Darling Precious Sweet Tiny Little Sparrow flew out and about scared me to death ~ scared her too. I'm sorry little mama to be bird.... she has 4 tiny precious eggs in that nest. I'll be watching for those little ones to hatch ~ promise to never touch her board ~ protective cover she found for her "nest & eggs".

Served as a shocking reminder ~ all birds aren't bold like this one was ~ her nest on the porch
of the "shack out back" ~ is just perched a top a shelf ~ no cover other than the awning above. Checked it out close ~ and its real for sure. You know the nest is a process. I've watched many a time as both Mother & Daddy bird work on them ~ Daddy does most of the work but I've read that he has to take Mama around and she actually chooses the spot from the ones he's previewed. Fascinating.

If you look around, nest are everywhere.
This darling one cozy in a cello bag ~ has a beautiful green egg ~ with decorations.
It can be found in the Lbi spot in the "village".
All nest for me serve as reminders of "Spring Time" fascinations.

another, in Lisa's spot ~ precious lining and a "renewal tag".
I Adore Nest.

Yes, I got this great big nest from Sassy Trash ~ a Nancy creation.
Loved the size and textures of the whole thing. It too holds little speckled eggs (not the kind you eat) ~ at the "village".

Darling little Bunnies have nest too ~ not exactly like this but close.
Isn't her nest simply precious.

Sure, plenty of nest are built in budding tree's ~ but not all.
Its fascinating all the places birds choose to hatch their chicks.

is where you can find all sorts of great nest ~ her free vintage images are the best.
I found many beautiful nest to share with "the moth".

You know "The Charm House" created her own.
Supplies you need in this Nest Kit can be found in her spot at the "village".

All the birds build nest. Different yet the same.

Even Hen's have this one our precious friend who's gone to heaven played with.
Debbie Atkinson ~ loved birds and their nest. This Spring, I will miss her stories of the birds in her yard all busy with their nest, she loved them all ~ her favorites the bluebirds.

Just look around where you live. You will find a bird ~ with a nest.
It's one of the marvelous fascinating wonders of Spring Time.
Surely a favorite each year for this ~hag.
Post 91 ~ time is drawing near for the 100th post giveaway, don't miss that post.
Think you'll be delighted with this gift. Busy weekend, tomorrow we're going for dinner
at Lindsey & Steven's ~ I'll introduce you to our "grand~dogs".
will look forward to seeing you then..... ~one vintage hag


  1. Beautiful Post.... I so enjoyed your wonderful "story telling"!! Can we copy your wonderful pictures?? I see an art project here and there going up....
    Treatment time is here... and by the end of next week I will pretend like I am SuperWoman for two weeks!! So, watch out, no telling what I am going to do with my "Nest" at the Vintage Village... I like that name... The Charm House and her NEST....
    Hugs sweetest of sweet,

  2. Copy away ~ doesn't bother me at all.
    glad you & others enjoy my little blog.

    ~one vintage hag