Friday, April 24, 2009

Vintage Village Birthday Bash Gold Buy ~ Sale ~ Many more Special Days upcoming

Happy 12th Birthday Vintage Village
the festivities are underway ~ Our Thursday Gold Buy
another fun time ~ lots of gold/sterling/gems sold
to our favorites Louis & Anissa.
(another gold buy chance ~ an evening event sometime in May before school gets out ~ stay tuned
our customers/dealers alike adore this special event ~ come to the next one for sure)
I can remember buying my first antique secretary when I was in high school ~ the lady that owned the store was so nice. She let me put it on layaway since I was a student with little money from my part~time job. I still have that special piece ~ think I will keep it forever.
That was the beginning of my love for antiques & collectibles of my very own.
I remember as a much younger girl ~ like the picture of Nana and I on my blog page ~ going on treasure hunts with my sweet parents ~ they adored the hunt for bargains too ~ so guess I got that gene from them. I can remember wondering if I would ever have a store like that ladies where I purchased that secretary on layaway... so, it is. After being a dealer for a few years in other shops ~ my dream came true ~! Largely due to a fabulous~ wonderful~terrific~ brilliant partner ~ who's my dear friend & our banker. 12 years have passed ~ those early days were so scary ~ not many dealers, not much good stuff, not much to hang on to. Now, well you know we have come along way. I'm grateful for this lovely shop ~ our wonderful talented dealers ~ all our marvelous vintage inventory ~ and on and on....
Each day a new gift in my dream come true.

Jim is Nancy's husband ~ she is one of our many special dealers.
He came early to collect his loot ~ and walked away happy indeed.
Nancy... is he talking on his phone to you?

Wren/Braves/Elsa & Cp helped on this first day of festivities.
We had refreshments from Chick~fil~a & enjoyed every bite.
A special treat each day until May 8 ~ wait til you see what we are eating today.

Sales, Sales, Sales ~ Each booth has Sales.
Today, my quest ~ pictures of those items on Sale.

Chick fil a ~ Brownies... of course, we had something fattening too.

Little ones... patiently waiting ~ think they may be my favorite part.
This is Lane ~ grandson of Tlw's ~ eating a lollipop while "Grannie" sold some jewels.

Paulina was a happy little customer too. She laughed and loved having her picture taken
while Mom, Rosa waited her turn.

Can hardly wait to get back to the village today.... always special festivities.
More pictures for sure. I'm certain the sidewalk will be full of sale items today.
Special treat today ~ tomorrow, our first Parking Lot Sale of 2009.
Wonder... if LuLu (2chippys) will really camp in her RV overnight for the sale tomorrow ~ or better than that... wonder.... if she will show up in her birthday suit. Either way, she really needs to come see us.
Post 110, I think ~ the 100-th post giveaway is Sunday evening... I have found it impossible to not post ~ but do register, I'd love to mail this special goodie box to your home.
thrilled with the village festivities.... ~one vintage hag

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  1. WOW...what a BASH, you do know how to celebrate in style--YOU GO GIRL! Happy Birthday and best wishes for much more success. I can tell you work hard but enjoy every minute of it. Your shop is so neat!