Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vintage Village 12th Birthday Bash ~ April 23 to May 8 Festivities

Your invited to our ~ Birthday Party

Vintage Village will be 12 year old ~Tuesday, April 28 ~2009
Seems hard to believe that as we prepare to celebrate with special birthday festivities ~ that it could be 12 years, 4380 days ~ already, that's really something.
remember ~ as usual when we have a party, you get all the presents.

April 28 ~ why that date is special for more ways than one. the village will be 12.
it's my special friend Whimsy's birthday, it's my special relative Aunt Judy's birthday, it's Sam's birthday (Terri's husband... Sam from the village)...
seems like there is something else but I really can't remember what right now.
Wonder... how vintage village would celebrate it's birthday ~
Well... here goes~!
April 23 ~ Gold Buy Event 11 am~2 pm cash on the spot for gold/sterling/platinum/gems/old coins ~ not sure just bring it anyways, turn those unwanted items into dollars~! Refreshments Served.
April 23 ~ May 8 ~ sales in every spot, Stonewall Kitchens products buy one get one free~ register for our birthday basket - we will give this terrific basket with treats from every dealer away on Saturday ~ May 9.
April 25 ~ First Parking Lot Sale of 2009 ~ begins @ 9 a.m.~ our fabulous dealers will pack our parking lot with bargains ~ you might even find a washing machine... they can bring anything they like for this fun filled day outdoors.
April 26 ~ 7 pm ~ this hag will draw a winner from the 100~th post giveaway ~
have you left your comment? ~ that's all you have to do, to be placed in the hag hat.
Sounds like an excellent reason for Cupcakes to me... perhaps, those will be made today.
A birthday party always needs cupcakes.

The Shack Out Back is Celebrating too ~ it's their Grand Opening/
Right behind the village ~ plan to spend some shopping time in this darling shack~!

Takes some time to get the whole village ready for an event like this ~
we've washed our clothes & hung them to dry.
Special costumes are a must for birthday celebrations.

We've planted our veggies & posies ~ even a beautiful hydrangea.

We've cleaned the windows ~ and "closed the gate" ~ darling gate sign on the front with these instructions, one of the panes out front that adds charm to our look.
the village... why certainly~ it's packed with treasures of every size.

We've fed our baby squirrels outside ~ tended to our wall mural inside.
Our lovely animal friends point the way to more treasures~
upstairs, in our two story building, one of the oldest in our city.

We've added our finest vintage treasures ~
some new too ~I'm sure, but only those packed with the ultimate charm.

We've met some really great friends ~ 12 years, that's a long time for meeting.
We are thankful for each friendship the village is responsible for.

We've almost finished... all we need now for our birthday party is you.
May be birthday hats, could be some horns ~
"Fattie" our baby squirrel is eating her corn.
Many days of planning ~ is almost complete,
adding you to our party,
would be a treat.
12 years of friendships we have made ~
with each special day we would never trade.
We thank you for your patronage for all these years ~
it has certainly brought gratitude & even a few tears.
We adore each moment in this place ~
as we continue to serve our valued customer with every pace.
Streamers & banners will fly way up high ~
grateful for each special memory ~ we can't deny.
Special festivities you see ~ our birthday parties bring fun for you & me.
happy birthday vintage village ~ it's a party ~one vintage hag


  1. Sounds like a fun birthday celebration!Congratulations on 12 yrs!

  2. Wow! Y'all are pulling out all the stops for this one...looks to be an outstanding affair.
    Too bad I don't live closer because next to Cat Daddy there is nothing I love better than a party.

  3. I'm renting an RV so Lauri and I can 'camp' in the parking lot...this ain't Texas and you are far enough away to be considered a 'road trip destination'. SEnd me, lulu, directions in case I have to drive (damn).
    I plan on wearing an appropriate costume for a birthday party: my birthday suit!

  4. this sounds like so. much. fun!

  5. What an event! You are an excellent Party Planner, sounds like you have all bases covered. I know you are having the time of your life, I can tell by the excitement in your blogging. Have fun and MOST of all a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Best wishes for many, many, more. Wish I could be there.