Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1 a.m. post ~ New "Village" Pictures ~ It Will Be Different Today....

Let's see... I wanted to have a new post for all those Early Risers at the "village" and beyond,
so, I'm up late... probably my earliest "morning post" ~ a little after 1 a.m. ~
Today, much to do.... yesterday too. I left the "village" around 6:30 p.m. last night
to the hustle & bustle of busy dealers ~ Lbi/Whimsy/Piggy/Ella/Cp ~ so, you guessed it~
it will have all changed in these spaces anyway.
New Old Treasures do arrive each day.... we have everything right now, but the kitchen sink... literally~!
In no particular order ~ all that I could manage this early morning ~ with the promise of the rest when I'm back on track today ~ normal hours, like maybe this afternoon ~ always more to share. Now you know why I adore my "job".

Lew has a beautiful mirror ~ with many other "pretties".

"Hag Lane" is beginning to take shape... well we have started but the cooler weather slowed
us up a bit. Our side garden will be stunning once complete. Cp/Ratso/North/Lbi are in so
far to help with our garden decor. Can't wait.

Before you know it, Cp will have this wheelbarrow packed with all kinds of flowers.
She claimed her spot early.

The Tlw spot is looking splendid as usual. They find the best stuff.

My Vintage Heart... now, there are always good finds in her spot. Love these shabby frames
and look at the fern in the old sap bucket ~ it's little and precious pink.

The Fox Hole has some cool vintage "goodies" too.
Great old red table & I love that little needlepoint stool.

Wren has been out of town ~ 'bout time for a refill girl-y.

Kl has been adding treasures... good old ones, and she has another spot upstairs.
You will want to visit both.

Ella ~ is packed out. Great Easter Finds... cute cute stuff.
This gal is going to be a busy bee... she is part of the "Shack Pack"
getting ready to open out back. Can't wait.

Mmg's ~ you know Michelle has a blog in the works (can we peak yet?)...
she and Mom do a marvelous job
with both their spaces. Always some "gotta have this" going on in their spots.

hag 2 ~ that's my business partner and dear friend has some "stable stuff"

as well as some super kitchen decor ~ love these yellow cabinets,
bet they have many
stories to tell.
Still going....
A Spot with a View ~ "Going Up"... this charming spot welcomes all to the
upstairs full of treasures. Great job Tlw & Cp.

Across from them ~ Piggy another "Shack Pack" has a spot. Actually she has many spots.
Think there are 7 ~ Wow. She's my room-mate on buying trips ~ fun gal.

Fox & Mvh kind of blend their upstairs spaces... cool garden stuff and you can always find
a pretty lamp or chandelier. These gals know where to shop.

The "has" gal hasn't been around much lately ~ might be because much of her spot
is marked with "sold" tags... bet she is busy creating.

The SSCC's grew... bigger spot, room for more. Finishing touches ~ room for another load.

Kim has a new cozy spot upstairs... love that window.

Ratso has been busy, distressing wooden floral stems... love those and the tulips in the background ~ so springtime.

Lslb has some cool colors ~ pastels with egg tree ornaments and a terrific polka dot pillow.

Love her greenhouse ~ with green's and bunnies...
it's looking for a table to decorate in your home.
Come & Get It.

Mrs. North ~ now she is always busy ~ loves dolls ~ she buys old one.

You know it... "The Charm House" has arrived and is ready to sell, sell, sell.
You will absolutely love her spot.

Camp always has some great vintage finds, love her warm look.
Many Auction Finds ~ she enjoys those.
Are you ready to come shopping yet?
Love the comments on the "village" when I post pictures ~
so keep them coming and I'll keep sharing.
We truly, honestly, no kidding, have the most talented dealers around~!
More later today... I love taking pictures so there are many more for you. By the time I'm back at the shop on Thursday it will all be different ~ another reason for more pictures.
Better sneak off to bed... the alarm comes quick ~ just a few hours of rest until "coffee" to begin my new day.
Wonder what is in store for me? Something Good I Hope...~one vintage hag


  1. Well it is 2:00 here at The Charm House and I am not sure if I am exhausted, excited, confused or what but these eyelids will NOT go down!! Everything looks so wonderful and stimulating!! That it is I am stimulated, like our leaders, to create and spend!!! LOL Oh my goodness, can’t wait to get in the groove of Vintage Village….. NO MORE MISTAKES as of today!!! I will keep a notebook with me telling me what I am doing at THAT moment, make sure I have ALL my treasures and trinkets as I arrive at the doors! Long trip from Monroe to Snellville and to many places to go JUNKIN’ on the way! LOL
    As I continue to say… If you have not been here~ YOU have to come! I have been all over shopping all types of Antique Shops. Nothing compares to the Vintage Village~ That’s why I wanted it to be my home away from HOME SWEET HOME!!
    Mrs. Charming (how does that sound??)
    Yvette for now…. Goodnight sweet chickadees and MY LOVING VNTAGE HAGS, I will be waiting at the doors in the morning!

  2. The store has never looked better and with lots of new faces! I love it when we have new dealers...can't wait to shop this weekend. Welcome The Charm House, I was first introducted to your work on the hag blog and quickly bookmarked your blog as well. You have such a flair and creative flair, I am anxious to see all of your wonderful pieces in real time. Dari - I Need This, Antiques