Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Post 87... "Going Up"... the "village" is with each new day.

"You can easily judge the character of a man
by how he treats those who can do nothing for him."-James D. Miles

With each new day, opportunities are presented to each of us. We make a choice to accept those gifts or move ahead without advance in our lives. At the "village" ~ we always "Welcome" new... "Going Up" Opportunities that are so freely presented each and every new day. Monday was one of those days for sure. Our April has started a little early ~ with big bangs.

New additions, expansions, better choices and with every day ~ "new friends".

Monday especially, but actually everyday at the "village". We are "going up". The bar raised a bit higher with new spaces, new dealers, bigger choices and better opportunity.

Welcome... "The Charm House" ~ Yvette Shumate Adams to the "village". oh, la la. What beautiful additions to our "big picture" ~ she's already part of our family ~
we needed this "artist"

Yes, there are beautiful creations and "Charming Finds"....

This big basket full of "treasures" is part of what "The Charm House" will
offer ~ she is so generous with her instructions ~ make what she does ~ she will even show you how and give you "list" for making projects. This basket holds the "kit" for her darling nest. Come get one and try your hand at creating. What Fun~!

Game on.... check out her "shoe" created to hold her business cards. Wow~ just Wow~!
The addition of "new talent" always ups our game ~ makes everyone step it up ~ cool.

goodness... i loved these ~ a darling bundle of "love letters" complete with beautiful brown ribbons and a terrific vintage brooch on top ~ they came home with ~hag. Precious for our bedroom. "The Charm House" first sale at the "village" ~ got a hug for that... I will cherish this new find ~ very happy that Yvette joined us for some fun in selling at~
"Vintage Village"

hag 2 helped the "nook" that's mine~ grow a bit on Sunday ~ can't wait to get the remainder
of the shelves out and begin filling up this new bigger spot.
Boy, the ceiling is empty... gotta get busy, I do. Love having a partner that's "handy" with her power tools ~ she makes everything stand up straight.

SSCC ~ that's Shanna and Christy grew ~ a new corner bigger spot.
Love it girls...keep bringing stuff til your new spot is packed out. You Go Girls...

The spot they started in smaller... but cozy. Pretty Mustard Colored Walls ~ oh, but it's already spoken for ~ another new dealer for the "village" coming in April. Yea~!
Gotta act fast when there is an open spot ~ we fill it fast. Can't wait to see what will be in this "cozy space" very soon.

Do you see "Whimsy" on the ladder already painting away.
This charming little cottage will be "The Shack Out Back" soon, very soon.
The "Shack Pack" is on a mission ~ they are ready to fill it up.
More shopping for us... and you too. Piggy talking on the phone ~ but not
for long ~ she had a long list to finish today.

We'll be seeing this "truck" often at the "Shack" ~ already full with the base of their
new for them ~ vintage glass cabinet display ~ this baby will hold a ton of "treasures" once placed and filled
in the "Shack" ~ can't wait to see.

See, opportunities ~ expansions ~ growth ~ new dealers & friends ~ that is what makes the
world go round for us. You never get a second chance at the opportunities ~ "gifts" you are offered each day. For the "hags" ~ at the "village" ~ we cherish each one.
Each day a little different ~ but all packed with friends, finds ~ fascination.
Come Shop, You'll be happy you did.
Now, I took over 50 pictures ~ the "village" is looking awesome.
Will share some of those with you tomorrow ~ for sure.
Time is drawing near ~ post 87 ~ I have an exciting giveaway for 100~th post ~ don't stay away too long ~ you might just get a "sneak peak".
Glad to be back ~ working, finding & posting.... ~one vintage hag

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  1. The shop looks absolutely wonderful and having Yvette join is a truly creative and inspiring addition to your space! You ladies are going to have so much fun! I will visit one day!I love looking at all your spaces!