Thursday, March 5, 2009

might be a redneck.... if.... additional "Louisa" pictures

So, I will try to "chat" normal today but "mite get a few redneck slips...sarry".
You might be a redneck if your husband goes to the target to buy a new vaccum
and hunts down an electrical outlet to see how good it did before he
"buys it".... yes he dit.... of course, Italians always have to have it perfect...
wunder what hes doing with me?
More "pitchars" of Louisa's houz...

Sebastian, that is for Ms. Louisa... you're so nosy~!
Super Cute Mercury Glass Vase with
baby's breath... simple and much prettier than the picture.Stuff atop "at fancie frigerator..."
"She's must goes on lots of picnics or she dun hit the bread...."

"Pertie stuff... love me them posies.... "

she has some vintage alarm clocks - so do I, adore those...

"$4 at the "gootwill" ~ lawwwww, girl...... gotta have me one those for 4 dallars"

all that "perty stuff" and she "dun" got her a wood outhouse...

"cute table" but have you er' seen anyones gives ya grass to take home........
we ready gots grass... thanks "Louisa" for letting me take all these "pitchars" ~ "nuff said".

I loved spending time with the "Chicks" whether we'll be rednecks ~
or "snobs" ~ or "just us" ~ I'm game.
These are great talented ladies whom I adore.
Looking forward already to next months get together in "Ingrid Jayne" beautiful home.
Sure hope "Hilda Jean" is back with the group, we been missing her...
To the "Chicks"... you inspire me...~!
"If you want to accomplish anything in life,
you can't just sit back and hope it will happen.
You've got to make it happen."
Next week "Matilda Jane" on Monday, March 9 (10-1)
in my spot at the "village". Stop by to see the new "spring line".
March 16 from 6:30-9 at the "village" our "evening gold buy event"... come sell your 10k or above gold, karat or over precious stones, platinum, sterling silver. Cash on the spot~!

March 17 ~ "Junkin" with some "buds" ~ can't wait
March 21 ~ more "junkin" at Lakewood 400 with "village" dealers. come on...
I'm loving staying "busy" ~ and finding "junk" ~ My favorite~!
Taking the "camera" to work this morning..... going upstairs.... stay tuned.
~one vintage hag


  1. Hi!
    I live in Peachtree City and would love to attend the Matilda Jane show! Can you give me more info on the location?


  2. Hi, The Smalley Four:
    I'm ~one vintage hag and you ask about some information on the "Matilda Jane Trunk Show" ~ I would love for you to come see.
    It will be packed with their spring line. Exciting.
    We are located 2229 Scenic Hwy.
    Snellville, 30078~ if you'd like to do mapquest or bring your GPS or call us for directions 770.978.0013 She will be in the shop from 10 a.m until 1 p.m. so drop by anytime. We have good Chick-fil-A Breakfast trays coming too.
    Look foward to meeting you then.
    Thanks for your comment.
    ~one vintage hag