Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Wallpaper...? What do you think? Heard From Stacey today... More "village" Pics from Monday

Okay, so a new look for "spring" ~ do you like my new wallpaper?
It's growing on me, If you happened to peak in a little earlier,
it was changed 30 times... but I landed on this one and think it's me...?
I do adore Roses & Taupe, so there you go.

Got something exciting in my mailbox today...
my first "Stacey" letter~! I was thrilled. I've gotten many emails
to this point but not a letter in an envelope...
She sent pictures of her "pooches" they are all... to cute~!
Especially, Coco whom she rescued.
I got pictures of the place she lives, pictures of the place she works...
and, yes Stacey the "key west salad" looks amazing... wishing I was closer to have that for
dinner... It's called "Bay Coast Coffee Market",
think I need to take a trip to Clear Water.
I got a free "muffin" coupon... bet that would be worth the trip.
& I got a two page typed letter.
I will have to look them up online and send some "coffee money".. that sounds good~!
Now, Stacey - I know you peak in so let me go ahead and tell you... you need to find out
Where "Airtran" flies that's close to you, "Aunt Hag" is treating for a round trip ticket for
"you" ~ Lindsey needs your help at her wedding. You will be there,
only without the long drive.... so ask off at work from July 9 to 12
and I will have you back on a plane for work the 13Th of July...
I love you... Surprise~!

Now, have I mentioned we have "Chocolate Eggs" at the "village" ~
Thanks Lew, I love them~! But have to stay away,
won't be able to fit in my "mother of the bride" dress...

Too cute, little framed vintage chick postcard. Its looking more and more like
Spring & Easter everyday...

Whimsy (that'd be Rjk) ~ has redone her spot. Looks pretty, she does
amazing windows too... they can even go outside ~ just don't use Windex on them.
I love the one with the geraniums.

Kl's spot looks great since her recent re-do ~ but there Is room for "much more".

Dari is ready for St. Patty's Day with these darling "glitter clovers" ~ stunning~!

I told you I like Roses... this is a great book on Antique Roses~!

Mag has quite a few lovely vintage Easter items.
Although new ~ this chick hit my hot button~! And, Only $4.00.

Bling... Tlw has added some "glitter" ~ really cute "spring sign"~!
Where are all your lovely chandeliers...?
oh, that's right you sold all but one~!
Get shopping with Mr. Tlw....I know he adores that.

Chicks, chicks... all sorts of chicks ~ some great vintage "chicks".
Come and get them... you need some~!

and, those tasty... little marshmallow Easter candies... have you had them?
hag has a great 2 pane old window ~ actually there are 2 ~ $12 each.

fox has a great black table & 4 chairs...tell your breakfast room ~here we come...

lbi ~ these Easter ephemera cards are the best...
and I love the lime green flower frogs. want one?

no,cute cute cute chick~ its not candy ~ but don't tell Lindsey ~
she will want to add to her Easter Basket ~ Mvh~!

Piggy ~ now that's a project. A great old rocker, with new fabric ~
ready for an afternoon with the staple gun.

mvh... did you get that cool "cafe sign" on your buying trip too?

treats for our "Matilda Jane" customers....
cinnamon clusters & minis from "chick-fil-a". Yum~!

told you a bit about the "hoot" ~ Lt this morning... she is a mess~ but I adore her.
Honored to have you and Vickie back at the "village"~
wasn't ever the same without you.
Now, that Matilda Jane little sweater is kinda cute with your "snazzy dress"~!
Yes, Shanna she is going to try that one on next... "Matilda Jane" has the cutest stuff.
Not much for women but wait til you see my new
Linen Ruffle Pants. Part of my Spring/Summer costumes for the "village".

Always up for a "grand time" ~ well come see us.
"The Charm House" is coming soon ~ how bout that.
It will be good to see her ~ after all these years.
Maybe Friday, so I'll have my camera.
Off to do some cleaning... found out my Aunt Judy & Uncle John
from Huntersville, North Carolina will be here Friday
afternoon... I've got a bunch to do before then.
see you soon... ~one vintage hag


  1. Love the new background a lot. Love the artsy look to anything that has script and travel stamps. Now, if you can pick up a lighter shade of the same taupe for the "your blog background", that would be fantastic. Can't wait to see more pics.

  2. why thank you dari... this is the only background it currently comes in~ but you know me, I'm not shy about asking...
    thanks for the tips ~ I'll see what I can do.