Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Clayton's 21st Birthday Party ~ Frontera Tex Mex Grill...

Clayton "the birthday boy", Nannie, David and I arrived for dinner ~
Frontera Tex Mex Grill on "Sugarloaf Parkway" Its de-lish~!
~ March 2, 2009

Rare, that you get to see a picture of me (i hate pictures of me...) but for Clayton to
have something to remember me by..... we take pictures at birthdays and "special
occasions". They placed a "cool sombre" on his head ~ birthday festivities...

David you are being mighty quiet tonight... but fun of course...

Clayton, you need a birthday "peck" on the cheek......come on~

"Nannie" what are you doing? And, Clayton you sure look "smug" with your
birthday "dessert"....... that hat is "styling"....
They are a "mess" together always
not sure who is the bad influence...
probably "Nannie".

And, he eats dessert....

"Clayton, you aren't going to share?"
Oh, "Nannie" did you want a bite?
ummmm... she said, the cinnamon crust is the best~!

As always, we had a great & rowdy time. Well "rowdy" for us.
You know part "Italian" ~ part "Southern" ~ what a mess....
Clayton enjoyed his birthday festivities anyway and that is whats important....
He got 146 birthday messages and ecards from friends...
wow, Clay-10 you have
lots of "buds"....

Clayton is "still celebrating" ~ he has plans with his friends this weekend, a trip to
"Uncle Julio's" for dinner (its terrific...).
Reminds me of my Dad, "Butch" ~ he celebrated his birthday for weeks..... and told ever one, every day of his birthday month.... "that way no one would forget" ~ he say.

We missed you terribly, Lindsey ~ but, realizing that you and Steven live
over an hour away on a "leftover icy snowy Monday" ~
we didn't want to have you drive so far so late at night...... ~!

Now, you'll be pleased to know that "Nannie" and I had a fun outing this afternoon. We
try to do something fun every month ~ sometimes for the day, sometimes just an afternoon.
I have pictures..... and will share that tomorrow.
Getting ready now for "Louisa Elle's" home
this evening... maybe I'll take my camera...?
~one vintage hag

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