Friday, March 6, 2009

More "Village" Pictures.... Bunnys, Chicks, Ducks oh, my... New follower & a note from Stacey... TGIF

Bunny, Chicks, Carrots, oh my... where are the ducks...all arriving
at the "village" currently....
I love chocolate eggs ~ don't you? Thanks, Lew~!

Rjk/Lbi's upstairs VV spot... "Whimsy's been painting again...".
Lbi ~ looks like spring time with your "shabby wagon".

Elsa ~ your mantel sure is pretty... your booth is really full right now.
She has some great vintage children's books too.

Piggy, I'd say that you have "much terrific stuff"... you go girl

Fox has a Darling Old child's chair - and I love the "bunny book" ~
think I had that
one when I was little.

Piggy has been creating again. I got a couple of her candles with
the these cool rhinestones and embellishments.

Mvh just got back from a buying trip - check out this fabulous vintage architectural header...

Hag (yes, that's me...) has a fun vintage baby section with some cute old baby shoes, gloves & baby cups,
darling little baby dresses & slips too...
and, you all know I adore vintage white pottery, especially the matte finish.

anyone looking for an old iron bed, this is a great one ~ in the aisle headed to the upstairs.
just right "chippy paint"...

Lbi is adding Easter treasures, these little glitter bunnies sure "is cute"....

Ella, has an egg light & a darling little duck....

Eggs, eggs & more eggs... can be found in Asp/Ella spot.

Tlw's been shopping again.. sold all that lightening last Saturday.
Love the vintage "duck blow mold" and what an awesome secretary....Noticed
that you are a new follower to this blog ~ I sure appreciate that...

actually (fox...) this spot is already rented, but if you'd like to have some fun,
make some money and "play" with all these talented dealers... add your name
to our "waiting list". We'd be honored to have you...
awoke today with a note from "Stacey" ~ my darling niece. I'll tell you more
about this "sweetie" soon. I'm really proud of her.

Now, more pictures coming soon... you know I took "many" yesterday... they will
be on tomorrow's post. Sebastian and I are deciding on my post giveaway.... wait til you see
what he thinks I should add to my "gift".
Off to the "village" ~ TGIF, I love Fridays~! Today with Piggy, Rjk and the Ronny's.
~one vintage hag

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