Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lakewood 400 Jaunt... "The Shack Out Back"...Met some Blog Friends ~ Did some "junk-in"....

What a Splendid Day at Lakewood 400...
Tracy G is right, there is good old stuff to be had ~ my last
trip not so good... this trip "terrific"~!
Didn't get them all pictured ~ but...,
Mvh, Piggy, Whimsy, Fox, Ella and I
had a great time.
Started our day eating of course...
Ihop french toast, poached eggs & breakfast.
One of my new years resolutions... eat breakfast ~ but not this good everyday.

Not sure why but none of my outside photo's came out today...glare...
I'm still learning
with this new friend, the "camera".
So, first stop inside... Grosgrain Annie's... saw Joanne ~ she looks great.
Her store is like I think "The Charm House" said... "a kid in a candy store..."

what it the world will I ever do with all these hand dyed ribbons...
matters not, I'm getting some.
Maybe I can just wear around my neck with a charm... I don't sew.

Oh, Joanne put that calculator up... my bill won't be the high, surely~!
I had only just begun... yikes...

Then off to meet "The Painted Fern"... yea~!
Loved her spot... so did the other gals. Yes, I did bring home some good smelling
potpourri. Some might make it to the "village"....

Mvh was checking it all out... she's intently studying something...

Compressed you really can't tell but her reflection in Jocelyn's mirror.
Her booth was "amazing"..... I was thrilled to finally meet her.

Oh, my.... next stop... "Sassy Trash". Nancy has "crazy" talent...
that is a great thing.
I loved everything in her spot...
came home with a bag full ~ even bought her
lemon thyme plant... its smells wonderful.

Don't let her name fool you... there is no "trash" ~ I promise.
Loved her little mirrors - yes, one of those came home too.

Then off to meet a new blog friend... "Cottage Farm Chic"...
oh, can't wait to visit this blog.
"Bev" has some wonderful stuff too... what talent all these girls have.
So, different from my last trip... so glad I came today. I am having soooooo... much fun.

Look "Tied Up Memories" ~ blue tutu on this darling little lady.
Should have ask "Bev" if she names them.
Several dressed ladies - all "gorgeous"

Okay, "Time Worn Interiors" ~Theresa, I finally met your "buds" ~
"The Chippy's"... Laurie & Lulu were a hoot...
I loved every second with them. Oh, and Lulu is making me a
"Junk Necklace" ... will get that at the April show... an early Birthday Present to me
from me... These girls are just flat out talented. Loved everything they had...wait til
you see what I came home with... gosh, I'm almost out of money.... now, mind you most
of it is for the "village" but I will enjoy the heck out of it this weekend around home.
I'm so impressed... loved your spot girls... I'll look forward to shopping again and
start on your side of the building so I have more money next time for sure.

A Starstruck Picture... horrible of me, but I met "Mary Kay Andrews" today...
oh, gosh ~ my favorite author. An added bonus for our fun filled day...yes, I brought
3 of my books.. couldn't have carried them all. Heard she has a new book coming out
this summer... Can't wait~!

"The Shack Out Back" Girls met her too... and so did Mvh & Fox.
Left to right... Ella, Mary Kay Andrews, Piggy & Whimsy.
We had a blast... got our books signed, bought some "MKA" stuff.. wait til you
see my new shirt... "Breeze Inn".

Okay... this is the "shack" girls at their finest...
Piggy/Whimsy & Ella and yes they are opening a shop the beginning of April
right behind Vintage Village.... We will miss Jan/Jim & Oliver but I am
so impressed with these girls... their talent amazing ~ yes, they will all still
be in our shop too. How exciting....
We looked like we were ready for the "game" ~ tailgating with our lunch
while we waited for Mvh/Fox to load up their "big stuff".

Look Girls.. just because you will be "shop owners" really doesn't give you the
right to take over the "Antique Shuttle" at Lakewood 400.. yes, they did.
Ask the driver to stop so they could take over.
Now, I'm not finished with pictures... more tomorrow - the talent of the gals at
Lakewood 400 will bring me back again, I'm certain.
Wish they had dealer day on Thursday's though
you know, like the original one did
since I work on Friday/Saturday's.
My "junk-in" day was cut short a tiny bit...
don't ever take on a "porta potty" ~ like I, you will lose.
I will spare you those details... yuk~!

Once home...after my shower, I started unloading...
Thrilled with my sweet fern
& the "chippy's" bag...
how cute is that~!

Inspecting each thing I removed from the "bags" ... yes, Sebastian
I purchased all that... be careful "little one" ~some of that will break.

You'll be happy to know that I met "Jay Guest" today... what terrific bottles...
my bag ~ yes, it's full of "purple ones"...

A few "Painted Fern" things... look my bag has two scoops of her yummy "potpourri"...
and bonus, tickets.. aren't they great.

I realize you can't see everything from the "Chippy's" ~ that way you'll come see
Monday they'll be in the "village"... great stuff ~ I know you will love it.
Did get a couple of their strawberry plants ~ real ones.
The packages they are wrapped in made me want them all~!

Yes, I did get a book for the "giveaway" ~ soon~!
Its autographed... you will love this book if you love the hunt.
I want "Weezie" to come live next door ~ another "shop" owner that is
in to the "thrill of the hunt"...

Look Jocelyn, didn't take me long to rob the "potpourri bag" ~ some in my bunny dish
in the guest bath. Smells beautiful. Thank you~!

Our 4-legged child... woooo waaaaa... he was talking, really...
telling me to "clean up this mess before his Daddy gets home"...
it's okay Sebastian, he knows I went "shopping"...
oh my, look at the finished "ribbons bag" ~ I really got a lot ~ glad it wasn't sold by the pound.

Cute Cute really cute ~ and "yummy" too... Cheese Bunny Crackers.
Forgot about those or I would have had a "snack". These came
from "The Gardener's Gate" ~ along with a couple live plants...

Yes, I met all these folks... what a splendid day I had. Needed it "bad" ~
Thanks again Tlw's, Lew's and Bed (d) for allowing me a Saturday off.
Understand my "doll house" that cute metal one from yesterdays post, went to a new
loving home today. It's going in an "herb garden" ~ love that.
Now, I've only just begun... I have bags and bags.. wait til you see the "bags"...
so, tomorrow more splendid day memories...
nothing about that darn "porta potty" though.. I don't wish to think about that again.
You know what I've been dealing with lately - or maybe you don't ~ thats okay...
when I got home today and logged in... this was my "quote" for the day.
Wow, how ironic...I will post this all over my house, until I get it...
"If I were asked to give what I consider the most useful bit of advice for all humanity it would be this: Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life and when it comes, hold your head high, look it squarely in the eye and say, 'I will be bigger than you. You cannot defeat me.'~"
My day, complete.. a fun way to spend time off~!
more tomorrow so come back to see...
thankful.... ~ one vintage hag


  1. Bev Norris - Cottage Farm Chic. Wonderful meeting you and making new friends. Thanks for stopping by. Now I did not name her but I guess I should. Could use some help on that. Any suggestions. Thanks again and when you come up to Lakewood come on over and say hi! bev

  2. It's like Deja Vu looking at all your pictures!Same people and same places!!So glad to hear you had an awesome time and met these talented people too!So much fun!I wish it was more often too!We can't complain though because many do not have a Flea like we do!I enjoyed your photos!Thanks for sharing your day!