Sunday, March 15, 2009

~one vintage hag's roller coaster ride... Did you see the "Post" on "The Charm House" ~ Special Aunt & Uncle..

"One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go."

Can you say.... "emotional week" ~ well that is what I've had.
Oh, I know "many" might think I'm crazy right about now...
really, I'm not... just every emotion under the sun this week.

Although, still some "out of order" pictures... blogger isn't cooperating this morning. Although,
to begin with the wrong versions of songs were selected...
I'll get it right, be patient with me.

First, Let's chat about "reconnecting" first... I was thrilled to see "Sonya" & "Yvette" ~
did you happen to see her very special post on "Vintage Village"?
Wow, that's all "wow" ~ what wonderful "ladies" ~ yes, from my younger years...
Hope that you all will come by often for visits with us at the "village".
I thank you for your very special "words" ~Yvette~!

With her permission ~ I borrowed a picture. Good one if she could have
enhanced the way "hag" looked... I will hold on to the memory of Friday forever.
Now, I also listened to most of her music... and, yes it's
"feel good" (another emotion too..) ~ so I
borrowed some of her favorites just for a few days...

Thank you ~ "The Charm House".

Special visit on Friday ~ Aunt Judy & Uncle John with "Nannie" ~ our home,
for "appetizers".... fun fun evening. Then we can "chat" on "special families...~love"

We saved time to go see Clayton at work.
He is a hoot... combined with these two special family members...
a "mess". So, then a "chat" on fun....

Clayton is telling them about the "game" ~
he saw his favorite basketball team ever ~ for the first time today
up close and personal ~ The UNC~ ACC Game on Friday~ yes, he did...
Good for you "Clayton" ~ you deserve some special times before
"Basic Training"

that brings up "worry..."

He was so "excited....." about his day.
We all love UNC Tarheels ~ gosh, that is where I'm from.
And, we like the "Yankee's baseball too" ~ yes, that is where David got his start.
We then would "chat" about "joy..."

Then maybe, we can talk about "friends"....
A minute of "cut up" ~ a "hug" from Jim.
He has enlisted too... they will be in the Army National Guard
somewhat together ~ although not in the same places.

No more Chick-Fil-A cut up then...

Nick Pallace, (another Clayton friend) ~ you be nice to this "music major" ~
yes, they can both "sing".... really "sing"...
Nick knows "Simon Cowell" ~ but that's a story for another day. So, then we can
"chat" on "familiarities"...

Now, this post... with pictures out of order.
Friday was a very special day, Thursday too
and Saturday as well. All for different reasons.

All filled with "emotion" ~ different yet the same...

Friday ended with a meal together at "Urban Flats" ~ with our out of town company ~
my "Mom's" Brother & his wife (I was born on her birthday...).
They got to meet some of the special "village" gals... that was a treat.
Glad we "bumped into you girls" ~ they are kind of crazy ~ like me.

Don't know where I'd be without "friends & family" ~ don't guess I would
know how to love you... if they hadn't loved me first.
Thank You for the inspiration ~ they all freely give ~!

I can truly say today ~ i understand emotions..."I get it..." yes, all of it.
I completely understand
what makes the "world go round...".
I'm thankful for all the pieces, each day.

A few "wishes" though ~ that Theresa could come visit...
if she lived closer. Glad to hear from her...

That I meet Deborah ~ The Feathered Nest...

For today, though another emotional feeling of "time well spent" ~ I'll enjoy the "boys" ~ cook something special for them... miss "Lindsey" being closer to home...
send an email to "Stacey" ~ that special Niece...
enjoy the rainy in Georgia... lazy day.

"For every person who doubts you, tell you~ you will fail,
try twice as hard to prove them wrong."

thankful... ~one vintage hag


  1. Hi Debbie...your blog is great--love your template. Will we get to see you next weekend? (Hope I can get everything done by Fri!)

  2. Sweetie, you have been in on an emotional train for the past week. Please know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many of us because we love you. You are also one of the strongest women I know and what you are dealing with right now most likely makes you feel weak and out of touch. As a similar control freak, I have learned in times like these to just give it all to God. As our father and maker, he wants us to pass all things to him and you couldn't be in stronger or more caring hands than his. So hang on to your friends and your family and let us be there for you. Dari