Thursday, March 5, 2009

New "village" Pictures... Upstairs & some downstairs... look what I got... Somebody Got a Spring HairCut~ Cute sTuFf

As promised, some pictures from today at the "village" ~ mostly upstairs...
but got a few downstairs too... will share those tomorrow with all of you.
These type post serve two purposes..... to let you know what we have
currently in the way of vintage "wares" ~ see something you like call us
we will be happy to "ship" to you ~ or hold (two hours...)
til you can get there. Tell us when you call who's spot its in...
And, to let the talented, creative, wonderful dealers of the "village" see how
their spots look on the "web" ~ if you don't like how your spot looks ~
come in and change it up....

Worked with Wren & North today... sorry girls, your on "candid camera".
Taryn, keep an eye on the "blog" ~ might see something "Mom" can
bring home to you....
A view going up the stairs..... how cool is that. Thanks for your hard
work Tlw & Cp. It always looks so inviting going up...

Cute, darling, fabulous Vintage Easter Arrangement... think its about $12.00
in the Cp/Tlw spot at the top of the stairs.

Bet you didn't know Mvh has a spot up too... she's got three spots in all.

Cp, there is a "woman" atop your jewelry case.... she has on a cool vintage black hat... sort of reminds me of a "Pretty Woman" hat...just a different color.

Cp where in the world did you find this Vintage Pant Suit?
Ready for spring,
flowers all over the place...

If... you like blue, or delft or blue transfer ware, or anything else that
might come in blue...... visit the Cp room ~ top floor to the left of the
Love this bunny riding in her old shopping cart... where did that come from Mmg's?

This Mother Daughter team (Mmg) has an eye for cool vintage wares... I've been on a trip
buying with them. Much more in that Suburban and they wouldn't have had
room to ride home inside... maybe on the roof top in the luggage rack....~!
They have a whole center room that's packed out upstairs & another downstairs...

Fondly known as "Sparkle" at the "village" ~ "Has" has the best stuff...
all done up with "sparkle" & "glitz" ~ no wonder that's what we
call her... Come by for a visit in the "Has Spot".
Or if you'd like ~ email me and I'll give you her "website" address....
In what other Antiques & Collectibles shop can you buy "ducks" from a sink?
There is one for every season + some... and that sure is a cute
rag frog & lamb. Bet they could all go in the tub. "Sam" carries these
in the booth in the left corner upstairs.
Same spot ~ "Sam" & "Braves" combined their talents and went into the
large left corner... I've never seen so many small treasures in one spot.

"Ratso" ~ I love your old concrete kitty... she needs a new patio
to live on this spring. How much is she?

Fairly new to our business, "Ratso" has lots of treasures in her spot.
Her talent for display is amazing... and with all that light it looks so "cozy".
She carries beautiful wares, all ready for a new home. Come shop~!
Lots of old silver plate.. baby cups, compotes & creamers can be found in
the "Camp" Spot.

Older Breyer Horses, Beautiful old art ~ hence the name "Camp"

At the Auction Houses every week... "Camp" has an eye for different treasures
than most of us offer.
Decorating a cabin or lake house.. this spot is your shopping destination.

"Piggy's" Spots (there are many, 7 at last count...) are full of interesting
old birds, china & kitchy souvenir wares.
My gosh, she has got the stuff...
"hag 2" we should name an aisle for her upstairs. Yes, they all have names.
We were first at that in our "area". There are many "posers..."
if it has a "bird" on it... it can be found in "Piggy's" places...
she was my "room mate" on a recent buying trip and she loaded
up, I mean loaded up her truck the second day... we had several to go.
All I'd hear about while trying to sleep... I could put some stuff in the
"bird cages" or put some stuff in the old "bread boxes" or put some stuff.... &
again over breakfast the next morning, and again during out next stops...
enough already~! You need a full size moving truck~!
Only, worn once... this darling old child's dress can be found in the new
spot of SSCC upstairs... I'm loving your look girls...

They also have pillows.. looking a bit like "Pottery Barn" ~ so if you
adore that look ~ come see them for the handmade too dang cute pillows... "SSCC"

I just adore this look... I'll take one of everything.
No, sorry ~ I'm full up at this cozy little condo.
"SSCC" upstairs on the right the "village" of course...
you knew I'd take my camera with to pick up lunch at "Uncle Betty's" ~ yum, it
was "Chicken & Dumplin day" with fresh warm homemade Pineapple Cobbler...

Looking for a spot for a "fish house" ~ we'd have lunch there too~, its ready to go... and
right by "Uncle Betty's" ~ Cool deal~!

Only worked a half day today... had to pick up my handsome boy...
Look who got a "hair cut" ~ so cute~!, but flash hurt his eyes ~
he's been napping... in the office while "Mom works".

"Mom" ~ I really don't think they care about my "hair cut" ~ sure they do "Sebastian..."

Now the best part... look what I got today. Darling "d" notebook... for my "notes".
I love the letter "d" you know.

I've learned since his "birthday boy post" that Clayton is peaking in
each day on my blog... heard my music today coming up the stairs...
Now, Lindsey if you are checking in on me today... this is the cutest little votive lantern from the"village" ~ got it from SSCC~ today ~
what do you think about doing these in your
wedding colors to put along the walk to your evening wedding spot?
That'd be way cool~!
here, a close up so you can see if you like it? I think its "pReCiOuS"~!
Not your wedding colors, but would you like it for your deck in your
new home ~ I could get some votives for you too.
Gosh, "Baby" if you are checking in... this too cool big green glass jar
was from your friend, Carla.
It will be great on the patio for "candle light dinners" when the weather is pretty.
Love the bIg pink flower too...
the little straw purse isn't going to live with us,
its for a gift, loaded with "surprises..." fun, hu?

I've decided that "shopping" is my favorite at the "village" ~ are you "loving" us yet?
Stay tuned, since I exceeded the picture limit today... there are plenty more
for tomorrow... took ummm..92 pictures today~! Yeah~
just keeps getting better & better...
~one vintage hag

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