Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Lakewood 400 Memories... I had a blast yesterday with some of the "village" gals...

Lakewood 400 was enough for me for two posts... so here's the second one
Wow, just plain "wow" ~ I was so impressed ~ much better
than my visit a couple years ago ~ the talent that all these girls have...
amazing ~ it was a "splendid day" ~ I enjoyed every "second".
As always I sure enjoy time spent with any "village gals" ~ and we had
so much fun... ate and ate more, laughed, cut up, acted out, screamed...
we enjoyed our special
Saturday ~ and got some terrific stuff~!

Grosgrain Annie's....
More Ribbons and More Ribbons ~ Joanne has certainly come along way...
since her days at the "village" ~ I'm so overwhelmed.
Did come away with a really big bag ~ packed full of fun ribbons ~
that I have some idea's for ~ but not a "craft~er" really...
I will have to come up with something fun to do with all I came away
with. I'm sure it will make Wonderful Somethings...

She had an incredible "Easter Banner" ~ and some darling tinsel pipe cleaners
yes, hand dyed as well. I had to have some of those.

"The Painted Fern"
incredible.... Jocelyn has this immense talent with floral, creativity
galore... and the best smelling potpourri ever.
She said she was a "mess" ~ I'm sure she had sold tons before we
arrived Saturday ~ but there was much "eye candy"...
I got a "sack full" and she gave me some darling tickets ~ she had gotten
on a buying trip and she just let me take some.... how cool, I loved them~!
and, she has a blog... go visit ~

2 chippy's...
can you say incredible... these two girls are "full up" ~ they have
the most creative things I've ever seen.
Actually, that was the thing that most impressed me on this day trip ~
all the girls are so amazing... 2 Chippy's are right up there.
They made me laugh ~ they are so lovable, think we all got a little from this booth ~
some things big... but they will be in the shop ~ so, come see.
I don't steal thunder and there is some of that coming soon to the "village".

Among my favorite pictures... Laurie & Lulu ~ 2 chippy's ~cutting up...
Lulu that vintage cigarette holder is the "best" with you.
Wish the others I took of you had come out...
Truly a "hoot" ~ go check out their blog. I cant' wait to get my "junk necklace" next month,
a treasure I will wear proudly...

while you're at it - go look at "Time Worn Interiors" today....
she is headed to Texas... Laurie of Chippy's too.
look at this load of "incredible treasures" in "granny"....
oh, how I wish I could go to Texas this week.

"Sassy Trash"
now, I know Nancy has "mad talent" ~ she has shopped at the "village" and I see
what she buys... you can kinda real between the lines on what they will
turn out to be.
From Nancy, I got a darling mirror pick ~ a great handmade nest ~ her live Lemon Thyme
plant ~ several darling framed pins/charms on the best velvet ribbons ~ darling wire basket
oh, so much... come see ~ most are headed to the "village".
her blog ~

" Cottage Farm Chick"
I had not met Beverly until Saturday but I've been seeing pictures and her spot
was on my list. Oh, my gosh~!
Another with all that "Crazy Talent"... I was speechless.
She too has a blog that you need to visit....

Not only are these booths amazing... so are their blogs.
Go look at "Bev's" at the address above,
you too will be impressed.

Now, If I get this name wrong.... sorry, I should have made notes
along my way.
I think this is Carol but it might be Kym ~
she is in the center area across from "Grosgrain Annie's"...
super impressed with her stuff.
Great "findings" bags for $8.00 ~ had to have one of those.
Wait til my friend Carl-li-que sees this bag. You can dig in first.

she had a beautiful headboard & great heart patterned garden chairs.
Think we all got stuff from her too.
I'll visit her spot again and get her name right, Promise.

Once home, Yes... Sebastian - these are "my bags"...
now not everything was in "bags" but all my smalls.
a day full of "junk-in" a new energy and inspiration that I will pass along
in the ~hag spots at the "village".

and, yes... autographed books and some new "reads" from my
favorite author ~ is it Mary Kay Andrews or Kathy Hogan Trocheck ?
Oh, my... its both~!
Those will be my escape at the hospital this week for sure.

I got a new "shirt" ~ this will be in the line up for my new "spring/summer" costumes
at the shop. I think she needs to come sign books at the "village" when her new
one comes out this summer. Excited... another new read coming soon.
A fan too... this will help when I'm "glistening..." and a recipe too, from Deep Dish
for "Tate's" Brunswick Stew. I will make that for sure.

"little one" be careful snooping about in my "treasures" from today...
not sure if all "schnauzers" are nosey but this one sure is.

Oh, yeah... a foot ~ that is his foot, still snooping... amongst
my nest, eggs, "everyday straw" ~ isn't it darling.

findings... a bag full...with a cute sugar bowl and a milk glass vase - that's what I'll
make it. That will be a darling addition to the ~hag spot.

Pricing... Pricing and more pricing ~ today.
I'd rather shop than price but its a necessary elimate.
Make sure to visit the "vintage village" this week ~ new old treasures arrive
every day.

some darling shakers... tickets from "jocelyn" and vintage millinary.
what's in the box? well that is the best part of my 100th post giveaway
you will "love it"... I'll be ready so stay tuned for the "giveway" coming soon
from ~one vintage hag. time flys when your having fun, and I'm having fun,
this is post 82 ~ almost there.

my to do list... keeps growing ~ have to have it done by Tuesday.

i'll be around, doing my "thing"....
My sincere appreciation to the "girls" at Lakewood 400 for sharing
a piece of themselves at this show... as well as to the "gals" from the village
that put up with me... on "junk-in" days.

you'll always have a special place in this heart....~ one vintage hag

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