Wednesday, March 11, 2009

quick post... on the way to the "village" ~ more later and maybe a new wallpaper for Spring~!

Took tons of new "village" pictures on Monday ~ will share all of those
and introduce you to some more "dealers" later today. Working with
"My Vintage Heart" who is the boss today --- I can't be late,
she will be upset with me... a bit obsessive that one is, but I love her
to pieces.

My friend, "Elsa" ~ helps me in many ways...

Shanna & Christy are the SSCC's ~ fairly new to the shop
but love these girls... they add new "energy".

Yes, Rhonda is back with a vengeance... she is a "hoot"~!

Nancy, funny girl ~ what are you doing? You look stunned...

Celia ~ another talented "village dealer" ~ helping with "snacks..."

We have "ducks" ~ quack quack... more about these "cuties" later...
So, for today... I'm off to the "village" until 2~ish... a few errands then home
to do some "catching up"...
I will do some better "introductions" of all these girls and share more new
shop photo's a bit later on.
I think that maybe it's time for some "fresh spring" wallpaper on the "blog".
You know, I'm always changing things wait til you see what I have in mind.
Sure hope you like it...
until then... ~one vintage hag

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  1. Hi Debbie... I feel like I have to know you also if Sonya knows you! But it seems you are right up my alley with many of the same blog list favorites. Old Nellie (my tahoe) doesn't make it up to Snellville very often shopping for antiques but I will have to make an exception this week. I have always wanted to come into this store but the traffic was so bad in Snellville when I was there, I only wanted to get back home to Monroe. LOL
    Hopefully Friday I can make it up to your store.
    Thanks for making a post!