Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meet Stacey... My "Adorable", Energetic, Motivated, Sweetheart...I Love You ~ Stacey~!

This morning... Its my pleasure to introduce you to my
"Adorable", Energetic, Motivated, "Sweetheart" ~ My Niece ~ "Stacey".
Although for many years, Stacey together with my Sister, Kathy and her brother Brandon
have lived not so close to the rest of us. Kathy didn't care for the traffic and
hub bub of our little town, the town we grew up in. Because, this is where my "parents" were, because this is where I raised my Children and because this is where my business is...
I have always wanted to stay close.
Here, with everyone that means so much to me and my family.
Not intentional at all, not ever intended but Stacey and her family were far away... too far to stay close. Time to make up for lost time, now...
She is "adorable" ~ she has a drive for life that I wish everyone could.
It's only been recently that I have or should I say "we have" rekindled a relationship ~
one that means the world to me ~ to my family~!
"Stacey" needs someone to "love on her" ~ she deserves that "all the time"~!

So, if you are a parent like me. You will relate very well to this story.
Our children grow up in a flash ~ and then, they leave our "nest".
Left only to wonder ~ "have I taught them all they need to know", "will they be okay in this big world", "what if they stray", "what will I do without them".
I believe that as Parents we all wonder these things & more.
Stacey, being no different than any other child. Grew up, graduated from High School
where she had been a popular cheerleader ~ stayed rather close to home attending
North Georgia Technical College. Where she could come home in a hop, skip and a jump.
Then, the dreaded "she meets a guy..." oh, no... life will never the the same.
I'm sure as a Parent, like me... you've been there. I would like to think that I handled it a bit different, but in truth ~ I probably didn't. The one thing that I can tell you without any doubt, is that I have never turned my back on my Children. I've always been a support factor in each of their lives... like it or not, "their lives".
So, this "cutie" grown now... meets the "guy". Likes him a lot, actually "loves him". And, so their story begins. I'll leave out all the "dating" and "you knows" ~ they have been together for a while now. So, guess what happens next... after working together in a restaurant that "Brett" owned... they get a great "job opportunity" for both of them... Oh, but its in "Clear Water, Florida"~ a long way from home. They go and look, they find housing, they move their things & their "pooches" ~ they begin what promises to be a new life, full of opportunity. But her "Mom", my Sister ~ Kathy ~ doesn't like her being so far away, there are other things she doesn't like as well but I won't bore you with that.
Well guess what... that happens sometimes. I'm sure that I won't "like" Clayton being in
Missouri for over 24 weeks either... but if our Children thrive and love life and make a way for themselves... isn't that the ultimate goal?
I believe these quotes... to live by in this one shot at life ~
“For all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: 'It might have been.”

"If you believe in yourself, things are possible."

So, alone with her "dreams" and "hopes" ~ she is making her way in Clear Water, Florida.
She ask nobody for anything, ever. She just lives her life the best way she knows how.
With no hesitations, little doubts... she has a great "new job" in Marketing for a Coffee House... better than ours here, they actually offer good food with their coffee.
She is getting to watch "spring training baseball games" ~ you know the Atlanta Braves & all those teams.. She is living in a really nice resort area. She is getting a "tan" ~(right, Stacey...). All that, offered in a "great new job"...
She is living her life ~ making her way ~ making adult choices...
I must say, I'm very proud of my "precious niece" ~ I have been writing her "corny letters" with all those clip arts and goofy stuff ~ Moms come up with... I've been mailing her random stuff, you know...like a "pop tart" for the "pop tart" she is, that I love... admit it, you've done fun stuff like that too.
I've been emailing ~ because in my heart of hearts ~ I believe that
she is "okay" ~ she is "going to do great" ~ she is "making the most of her life" and she has
to be the one in charge of her own destiny.
Further, I believe... that Our Good Lord isn't going to help those
that don't help themselves...
So Stacey, "You Go Girl" ~ you make you way. You make your choices. It's your life to do with as you think best. And, I think this is "best".
We've all been told that the best life lessons are the ones we "learn".
Stacey, I'm very proud that you are "learning" and taking chances and "growing yourself" ~
into what I wish & hope & pray is a "Remarkable Lady" some day.
You are too young for that now, but I would love to say
"I knew her when...." ~ or "that's my Niece".
"Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it."
How cute is he? This is O'Ryan ~ Brett's Son.
Oh, yea.. now I know what the real problem is..
No, that's not true... I thank Our Good Lord ~ every day I'm given for sending David to me ~ and to Our Children.
What's wrong with the influence of this remarkable young lady ~ on this darling child.
I say "nothing". We wouldn't be where we are in this great life without him...
Stacey ~ your influence on O'Ryan wouldn't either...
So, today a dedication to a "Girly" that makes me proud. I admire your
determination, your drive for life, your energy, your steadfastness.
Gosh, Stacey...
that's many great characteristics for someone as young as you are.
You keep being "you" and keep trying hard...
you will become someone great sooner
than you may think.
Guess, you are "stuck" with "Aunt Hag" ~ her corny letters, smiley emails, "chicken" mascot...
and don't forget the random packages that will continue to come your way...
maybe, next a "sand bucket" ~ for a sweet gal that doesn't need a
"red nose"... trust me, when I tell you "it will be loaded with cool beach essentials".
My wish for you "Stacey" ~ a long ~loving, adorable, fulfilling, productive, rewarding, joyful, nurturing, beneficial & happy ~ "Stacey" life ~
you deserve all that & more.
I'll always be here for you~!
I love you... ~ one vintage hag
p.s. ~ a "song for you" ~ the second one, I can't take "Clayton's favorite" off yet ~ its the first one. "What the world needs now..." just for you~!

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