Saturday, February 28, 2009

Post 51.... some morning "rainy pictures"....

Couldn't resist a second post this morning, when I noticed I was at 50 post ~ time flies... already thinking of 100 th post giveaway ideas - would you like a "Mary Kay Andrews book"? Or maybe some vintage ephemera? How about a pretty piece of vintage matte white pottery? Do you like vintage textiles ~ & lace? Would you rather have a combination from the "village" with some "hag" touches throw in?
I'm planning so let me know what you like....
making up our bed.... I saw this little squirrel watching me, sitting atop the fence around our patio. This view is from our bedroom, so I can see what he is up to... Will be glad when I can get some "posies" for the porch, daffodils blooming already here so, I'm ready for some pretty baskets & assorted flower pots.

"getting ready" this morning, noticed the neighborhood squirrel ls playing in "puddles" ~ they don't seem to mind. guess its easier to find where they hid their "nuts".
do you see him in the middle?

"Jamie" is ready for the rain, he has a "comfy spot" on the garage table at "Nannie's" with his own umbrella. Lucky kitty~!

More about "Autumn" ~ Mary's squirrel soon, you will "adore" this story...

out to play in the "puddles" on my way to work.... ~one vintage hag

"still, Raining..." Snow is on the way.... " ~ "Sand Castles" for day dreaming..

happy birthday "girly" ~ Theresa, (Time Worn Interiors) - she is in Iowa on her birthday having a blast at the "Pink Chateau".... have a great one~!
My "blog" picture for this rainy morning ~
poor little "wiener dog" ~ has to wear a slicker like that to do his business ~ bet he has "galoshes to match" ....that would be a great way to keep your "feet dry".

for today, I have something new and very interesting to share. Until we get snow..... tomorrow, brr~! (i'm sorta hoping the weather man has that wrong again.., I'd rather have a snow day during the week - a "bonus" day with David to build a "mini snowman" - we live in Georgia ~ usually we get "dusts" of snow...). My friend & "village" antique dealer ~ Lisa sent me a complete email of all the 2009 Oregon Sand Castle Competition. I was amazed at what can be done with sand, and the detail of each and every entry - makes me want to go to the beach and see if I could cast a "junk truck" packed to the gills with treasures....Those are just some of the pictures above. Cool, really~!.
If you'd like to see the whole email,
I'm happy to forward to you - just need your email address.
still raining in Georgia ~ "shabby in the city" commented that one "blogger" hated getting her socks wet when she walked her "puppy" ~ guess she will need some galoshes..... I have a darling "puppy" ~ you've met "Sebastian" ~ I "never" get my socks wet when walking him, you avoid the "puddles" in that situation ~ so as to keep the little "dog" as dry as you can. You know "our brat" gets dried off when he comes in if its been raining - he will stand "shivering" with a pitiful look if you aren't quick enough with the big shower towel to wrap him up ~ gets better... most of the time, he likes his "whiskers" - you know they are bushy - he's a schnauzer ~ dried after he gets a "drink" -
you know he hates to look soggy... always intends to be handsome.
Don't we all?
For today, a "remarkable crew" for a busy rainy Saturday... they are the best, offering up traffic and lots of sales... the "tlw's" (said she might bring some potato soup, yum..), "sam", "fox" and this "hag". Come see us, we'll be ready for you ~ "great load your truck" crew today ~ I know already to expect "laughter", "hold me comments", great "eats" ~ and rainy days usually bring out our "valued asset" our customer to spend some money with something "pretty to look at" when it snows...
I'm sure you have been told this many times, but here in the "south" ~ yes, today's forecast will send everyone around to the "grocery store", shelves will be bare by late today - everyone buys "milk, bread and a paper"... think they eat "paper" sandwiches? Actually, they will buy anything that is left on the shelves.... funny stuff...For us, if we wake to snow on Sunday, a big pot of soup on the stove (in really bad weather and no power, I've cooked on the gas grill...) ~ whatever the "fridge" has to offer up... and some cornbread for "supper".
where ever you are today in what ever weather ~ happy will be what you "make it".
~one vintage hag

Friday, February 27, 2009

"Rainy" Day in Georgia, Working at the "Village", I love "rain puddles"...

"Rainy Day in Georgia" ~ did you see the movie "One Fine Day" ~ It has George Clooney & Michelle P.. Great movie, great scene where they play in "puddles" ~ guess that is what we will be doing here today. "Nannie" used to want me to wear "galoshes" as a child when it rained, guess she didn't have any idea how humiliating that would be for a child at school. Needless to say, I never wore "galoshes".

Squirrel's like "Autumn" don't mind the rain, they almost
have a rain repelling coat ~ and that bushy tail ~ shakes with fervor.
I'll tell you more about "autumn" some day soon.

Now, I don't know about you but any self taught "junker" needs a cool
yellow rain slicker ~ i have one, yes I do.
Our children used to call me "Paddington Bear" when I'd head out to the
original Lakewood wearing that ~ I stayed warm & dry each step
of the way, so I don't mind rain slickers. They do serve a purpose.
So it occurred to me this morning, first thing~ that I mislead some of you with one of my "peeves" post ~
the top of the list almost was "puddles" ~ I do hate puddles ~ on my counters,
on tables, on our check out counter at the "village" ~ you know
annoying places. But, there is one type puddle I like.
"rain puddles" make me laugh....
guess in an Atlanta suburb we'll be playing in "puddles" today...

off to play in the rain... ~one vintage hag

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Its a Wonderful World...

I'm sure like I do you receive lots of emails with video's to watch ~ well most of the time they aren't that great. but, today "Nannie" sent me a keeper.

I will do my best to upload this video of your viewing pleasure ~ and, I will add this song to my playlist ~ a favorite that I forgot. So, its worth the peak but you may want to click to turn off my music at the bottom first.


~one vintage hag

So, all that said and I tried hard, hear is the link for you to look for yourself, I have no idea how to upload video with real player. tell me if you know....thanks...

More paperwork ~ Upcoming Events at the "village" ~Asp ~ Pam "Happy Birthday" & a comment from "Tlw" ~ Excited.

Oh, happy day.... Ella & Asp ~ Pam has a birthday today ~ Wishing you all the
best on your birthday and the years to come. Relatively new to the "village" but a "keeper" &
a "sweetie" ~ I love working with Pam ~ so energetic and enthusiastic, bet you didn't know you would have this much fun after retiring from "delta" ~ hope you stay with us forever ~
Happy Happy Birthday Pam ~ maybe tomorrow at work "we'll have a strawberry shortcake & coffee ~ our treat for your birthday cake".
Love, ~ hag

"LBI" has some really cool vintage Easter postcards ~ even some "tucks" that just came in the "village". She always has great "seasonal goodies" ~ Had to get a couple old Easter postcards on Tuesday ~ yes, more purchases. Hope David isn't peaking in today ~ cause he will tell you "I don't need one more thing at home....". Oh, well.
~later on I'll show you what else I got, ha.
Yes, Lindsey wedding is coming up ~ got some neat supplies and a really cool "book" at the "village" ~ has some great things for everyday - not just weddings so It's a keeper. Yes, beautiful vintage lace, paper products for a "shower" ~ all from the "village". We have a bit of everything. Part of my "Tuesday" purchases....

have you heard of "Matilda Jane" ? - really super cute comfy clothes, for ladies too. "trunk show" with their new spring line in one of "my spots" at the "village" ~ March 9 from 10 a.m~1 p.m ~ I will have some 'freshments to share, come shop at the "village" and see "Matilda Jane", something I wanted to share with all of you ~ I will be ordering some for myself for sure~!

Getting ready for Our "Evening Gold Buy Event" at the "Village" ~ Join us, sell your 10k gold or above, sterling silver, platinum or old coins. March 16 from 6:30~9:00 p.m. ~
yummy refreshments served.
Everyone "welcome" ~!
Vintage Village
2229 Scenic Hwy Snellville, Georgia, 30078
questions call us 770.978.0013

So far, so good on one of my "resolutions" ~ I have been eating a healthy breakfast so far this year ~ trouble is, I'm not usually hungry in the early morning, but today ~ I slept in a bit til about 8:00 so I've now eaten my "special k".

In, the meantime.... when you must do "paperwork" hrrrr....
eat "Easter Kisses" ~ they are good medicine.
Now, Must tell you I'm excited that "tlw" posted a comment ~ She is learning on the "computer" my friend who does such a "beautiful" traditional spot at the "village" ~ who keeps her grandbabies every day~! So, there is little time for posting comments but I'm glad I got one. Thank you, Jeanine.
think I'll put a "brisket" in for dinner, sounds good.
then more "paperwork" & today some errands, I need some time away from these numbers... not often that I take two days in a row off.
~one vintage hag

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reward for myself ~ catching up on paperwork ~ get a blog break...

Thrilled to have some "new followers" ~ (thanks Theresa...)
Love this verse, "The Painted Nest" ~ enjoyed peaking in on your blog too.
“We are but birds of passage ….
and must build our nests
out of what materials we can find” Lady Wilson ~ Poetess 1889

New follower(s) ~ "The Painted Nest" & “Artsy Fartsy
Yea~ Thanks so much for following me around….

TPN You don’t live very far away, do you have a shop we could come visit?
“AF” ~ Do you do any antique markets or shops?
Could you recommend some great places for us to come shop?
Can't wait to hear back from each of you... ~hag
Only on "break" ~ have to finish my paperwork today - for sure. I have until 8 p.m. ~ its David's long day at the dealership. Yes, taxes too & I hate numbers.... but I love this blog. Look at some of the photo's I smiled at today.
Thought about Debbie A. today ~ sure miss her~! I know you do too "Becki".
One of my favorite pictures of her, she always loved "birds".

"My Vintage Heart" our next road trip needs to include a trip to this "Pink Chateau" in Iowa, how far is that? We can meet "Sweet Repose" ~ stay in this "beauty" and have breakfast catered in, with a diet coke in a bottle ~ just for you. Hear the "junkin" is to die for ~!

The "little white guy" is watching every move I make ~ I bet he would tell his "daddy" if I goofed off today, boy goofing off would be fun. Instead, digging into paperwork ~ one stack at a time. You will be proud when I'm caught up....
"Lew" ~ If only I had a place for this little "charmer..." love the pink..

wonder what "Ratso's" pretty kitty "Roux" is watching today?

kinda feel like this little squirrel holding "dem" ~ when doing my paperwork, my
least favorite chore. Wonder, what "hag 2" would charge to do mine? She's up at 5 a.m. punching numbers on her calculator.... not me~!

Love it when my "mom" is home ~ I'm just chilling while she works ~ on the office floor.
She says she working on "taxes" ~ wonder what that means?.... Hope she will have some money left for my "chow" & those little treats I like... Great to see you so much today "mom".... xo, ~sebastian

more later, have to come up with more creativity....

~one vintage hag

Theresa's birthday 28th~ More Shots of the "village" from Tuesday....

So, I'm thrilled to have so many pictures to share ~ took these yesterday at the "village" ~ Nice post on Theresa's ~ "Time Worn Interiors" ~Thank you, "Girly"
~ Have fun at the "Pink Chateau" ~ and a "Great Birthday".
For me today, paperwork lots and lots of paperwork.... I will reward my self with sharing what I got yesterday with all of you later today..
"Lbi" ~ always has great "seasonal cuties" ~ look at this bunny with a "huge vintage hat" resting on the tip of his ears. Did a little shopping with her yesterday, you know - you work some then shop some..... I love both parts.

oh, la la ~ "My Vintage Heart" ~ where you been shopping?
Fabulous Vintage Wicker Settee - In search of a new home for this Spring.

"Fox" ~ Precious Old Bird Bath ~ might want to tell those "bunnies" they are in the water...

"Tlw" ~ cute cute "rabbits" ~ hmmmmm, do I need another for my patio?
Still loving your vintage yo-yo quilt.
Your booth makes me ready for spring, ready to get my flowers up and going...

"Leah"(a real cute new dealer) great chest ~ bring in more "stuff" til I tell you to stop.....

"KL" has a wonderful spot, hers even includes a little "potty area" without the fixtures,
cute cute nook...

what a "cozy shop" ~one vintage hag

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Post 44 ~ Time flies... ~ Some New "Village" Pictures...

Managed to get about 20 new "village" photo's today - just a few for tonight. I'm almost ready for some rest. The "boys" got a head start tonight so I won't stay up long.
Can you believe this is my 44th post ~ time flies when in "blog land", I've really enjoyed every minute. Already thinking of what to do for my "100th giveaway"
~ something really special ~ I promise.
New Vintage Arrivals featured below ~ more shots tomorrow ~
I'm getting "right handy" with this
"giant I'm slaying" ~ the "camera".

Tlw ~ "Rabbits, Chicks, bunnies, oh my" ~ a gorgeous "yo yo quilt" ~ Glad you finally brought this in ~ both of mine are gone, sold to "happy village customers" the past couple weeks ~ yours won't last long, it's beautiful...

Lew is back ~ she always has a great selection of Beautiful Vintage China, quite the place to spend some "shopping time" ~ We are honored you all are back at the "village".

That new to the shop ~ Wonderful Chippy Shabby Cupboard, I got yesterday.
Thank goodness for our "pickers"~! I'm really grateful they bring such "cool junk".

CP ~ Has a great selection of Vintage Enamelware pins. Great finds Car-li-que~!

So, a little more practice with the camera ~ that needs new batteries.... They are on the list.

until tomorrow ~one vintage hag

"The Bachelor" ~ Kinda Cool ~ Who's your pick?

So, if you scanned the list of the things I "adore" ~ reality TV is amongst the favorites. Stupid, maybe but not the depressing news, its a break from all the "hum drum economy talk", from the everyday all day news of what "Obama" is doing, or the crime in your area. Actually I find it kind of uplifting, especially when the "Bachelor" finds someone perfect for him. That hasn't always happened but I happen to adore my "fairytale ending" and wish that for everyone. Even, "Jason".
He has earned a right to "be happy", to "cuddle up" with a special someone in the evenings, and yes, "Ty" deserves someone special ~ not to replace his "Mom" but to "grow up" with ~ to fix his boo-boos, to read stories, to swing in the park.
You know ~ to make those "special memories" that each of us deserve.
I thought It was funny that "Jillian" said you have to "slay a few giants" before you find "Prince Charming..." ~ I just said that before she did yesterday on this blog. I know how true that is ~ I've lived it. So, I will jump right out there to say that "Jillian" is probably going to be the next "Bachlor~ette" ~
a sweetie she is ~ she deserves to find her "Prince Charming" too.
Probably the Best Bachelor, Ever... "Jason" is adorable, well rounded, funny, great personality, loving, caring. I think he is a "catch". Yes, he has a precious little boy ~ I would be way proud of my Son if he hung on with his child. That could be really tough for a guy - it was tough on me for those years that I was solo with little Children.
By days end, you sure sleep good.

So, my choice ~ "Melissa" ~ did you happen to here her "knock knock" joke with "Ty" ~ to darn cute~! All around I think she would be the best fit for "Jason" & his darling Son. So,
Clayton if you happen to read this (and, I know you won't....) I would be tickled if someday you brought home a "Melissa" ~ as your "choice". Just planting a little seed since "he" isn't even dating anyone right now ~ has "military" on his mind.... "Melissa" struck a "cord" from the beginning, I love to see them smile at each other. I loved their first one on one date ~ I loved their "talks" ~ I just think they are really really good together. Her "Parents" - didn't give her choices much of a chance, hope I wouldn't do that ~ but, I bet in the "end" off camera ~ "Jason" did pay them a private visit ~ if he cares about "Melissa", if meeting her Parents is so important in the scheme of their relationship ~ that is what he did.
Now, "Molly" isn't bad ~ she is actually a "sweetheart" but I think she will come in "second". Can't wait for "Monday" to see who he picks.
But, for me ~ no "Bachelor" today ~ I have a full day at the "village". My "buds" (Cp, Elsa & Mag) were looking out for this "hag" yesterday when they asked one of our "favorite pickers" to come back by around 2:00, when I arrived.
They knew I would love that "truck full of junk" ~
I bought a Crackled Chippy Paint two door cupboard (it's really sweet), a darling shabby suitcase in "red", a great chippy paint deep "drawer" (you can always use an extra drawer, today I'll add a crystal knob ~ cute) ~ a pile of shabby silver plate, two old lots of character 2 pane windows (wonder where they've been?) a very old pretty milk glass mini lamp (had to cut the fabric cord..), and a great looking Novel (that I can read before I sell) kinda a two for one. So, I'm off to fit all that in ~ it's really time for a complete re-do in my two spots at the "village" ~ so maybe if time permits today I can get started on that.
I love having new "junk" to play with. Come see us...
~one vintage hag

Monday, February 23, 2009

"Sebastian" ~ New Dealers & Slaying your "Giants"

Do you know about "Schnauzers" ? ~ They are very Smart, Loyal, can be like a "Strong Willed Child" if you allow that, Protective, Territorial, they are Sturdy, have great "big dog" Personalities. They don't shed ~ and they come packaged many different ways.
Ours is a "miniature". Weighing about 17 pounds ~ no shedding, hypo-allergenic.
Meet "Sebastian" ~ "The Brat", Inspector General, The King. Our 4 legged child that rules this roost. He loves it when "Nannie" comes for a visit or "Lindsey" & "Clayton" are here ~ "play time" ~ not that he won't chase a ball that David and I throw for hours... He has a his "spot" in our Bed. Big ole brat~! We hope that "Sebastian"~ (yes, he is white and that is unusual) will be a "daddy" soon ~ his hopeful Wife, "Belle" is a cutie pie - she is petite ~ black & silver.
Funny how dogs already instinctively know to be "confident" to "dream big" ~ I understand they don't have perception of "size". What a great way to "slay your giants" ~ if you didn't realize how big they were. Same goes for "fear" ~ and almost always we see new "fearful" prospective dealers.
"If you believe in yourself, things are possible."

"Be Yourself. An original is worth more than a copy."

"You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down."

Above are some of my Motto’s for every day ~ I tell new dealers about these things, what they will experience and what to expect as they begin their journeys. What a fabulous start to a new endeavor in our business. What I call the “business of bliss”. We have some amazing new dealers that have joined the “village” and some experienced dealers that “have come home” ~ back to the place where they started their journey.
SSCCShana & Christy, Lslb ~ Leah, Lew ~ Lynn & Jimmy we are honored to have “all of you”. And even Ratso ~ Rachel, is pretty new to our business.

You make the individuality of our business have meaning.

All with different looks, different wares and different display techniques come to fruition.
Your individual talents ~ make our shop ~ our “picky dealer choices” really show. Not a day goes by that customers comment about “how pretty”, “how well displayed”, “how interesting" & "how much selection of wares” the “Village” offers.

So as we “Welcome” you to the “Village” ~ I Thank Each of You for contributing your gracious talents to our “big picture” ~ you make us “the coziest shop around”~! I wish you all the best in “selling” ~ in this new endeavor for each of you ~

The Antiques & Collectibles Business.

Just got a call from "Fox", who still has a bad cold "Feel Better soon , HM" ~ she and her terrific Sunday Crew ~ "Elsa" & "Sam" ~ beat my busy Saturday totals to a "pulp" yesterday - they were only there a little more than 4 hours and beat Saturday, U-P. Now, when we are that busy - I know all too well ~ some dealers don't get calls that "big treasures" sold ~ so "Fox" mentioned just a few ~ "Has" sold a piece, "VV 3 & 4's" vanity was picked up, "Fox" sold that pretty dresser and mirror with the floral embellishments. And, my "wonderful vintage porch swing" was picked up, too. Busy days up and down those "stairs" make you sleep real good,
Thanks Girls for our Super Busy Day~!

Some pictures really soon, gotta get the "new batteries" charged in this "Giant of mine" ~ the "camera" so you can see for yourselves their really pretty, really talented selection of wares.
Come by and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

~one vintage hag
p.s ~ i haven't forgotten to tell you about the "trying Thursday Drama ~ almost ready.... I will give you a sneak peak
14 - 8th grade football players ~ vandelism ~ trespassing ~ federal felony charges....
p.s.s ~ "My Vintage Heart" where are you? Are you back with a truck load of treasures? Write something soon so I know you are back with us.....