Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reward for myself ~ catching up on paperwork ~ get a blog break...

Thrilled to have some "new followers" ~ (thanks Theresa...)
Love this verse, "The Painted Nest" ~ enjoyed peaking in on your blog too.
“We are but birds of passage ….
and must build our nests
out of what materials we can find” Lady Wilson ~ Poetess 1889

New follower(s) ~ "The Painted Nest" & “Artsy Fartsy
Yea~ Thanks so much for following me around….

TPN You don’t live very far away, do you have a shop we could come visit?
“AF” ~ Do you do any antique markets or shops?
Could you recommend some great places for us to come shop?
Can't wait to hear back from each of you... ~hag
Only on "break" ~ have to finish my paperwork today - for sure. I have until 8 p.m. ~ its David's long day at the dealership. Yes, taxes too & I hate numbers.... but I love this blog. Look at some of the photo's I smiled at today.
Thought about Debbie A. today ~ sure miss her~! I know you do too "Becki".
One of my favorite pictures of her, she always loved "birds".

"My Vintage Heart" our next road trip needs to include a trip to this "Pink Chateau" in Iowa, how far is that? We can meet "Sweet Repose" ~ stay in this "beauty" and have breakfast catered in, with a diet coke in a bottle ~ just for you. Hear the "junkin" is to die for ~!

The "little white guy" is watching every move I make ~ I bet he would tell his "daddy" if I goofed off today, boy goofing off would be fun. Instead, digging into paperwork ~ one stack at a time. You will be proud when I'm caught up....
"Lew" ~ If only I had a place for this little "charmer..." love the pink..

wonder what "Ratso's" pretty kitty "Roux" is watching today?

kinda feel like this little squirrel holding "dem" ~ when doing my paperwork, my
least favorite chore. Wonder, what "hag 2" would charge to do mine? She's up at 5 a.m. punching numbers on her calculator.... not me~!

Love it when my "mom" is home ~ I'm just chilling while she works ~ on the office floor.
She says she working on "taxes" ~ wonder what that means?.... Hope she will have some money left for my "chow" & those little treats I like... Great to see you so much today "mom".... xo, ~sebastian

more later, have to come up with more creativity....

~one vintage hag


  1. Such a nice present you sent over to Time Worn Interiors...really fun. I am enjoying reading your blog- and I love the bunny with the big vintage hat :)

    Stop by sometime-


  2. Thanks Anita, I will visit with you soon, in the midst of "taxes" yuk~!
    Thanks for your comment.
    ~one vintage hag

  3. Hi Debbie...Will look up Iowa for a future trip...don't you just love the name "Pink Chateau"??? Sounds like a place we all need to be and with Diet Coke in a bottle...who needs anything more?

  4. MVH, sounds great - you get busy with that, I'll get your diet cokes in a "bottle"~! Lots of them so you are "content" in the mornings.
    Love, ~hag