Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm off today ~ "Chicks Group Dinner Out Tonight"...

So, its my day off. What do you do when you have a day off? Today, is suppose to be David's day off too, and I thought we could do a little "junkin" - its been awhile since we were our together on the "hunt". He has a much different eye that I do so it makes for fun shopping ~ but his friend at work is out sick so David is working on his day off. So, I decided to get caught up on the dreaded paperwork...... yuk! Catch up at home, that will be fun and maybe make a cake. David was giving me a hard time this morning ~ he said "your off today, and you are making a cake?" - Sure I am and guess who will be the first to dig in? ~ David!~

Now, tonight my "Chicks Card Group" decided to have a Dinner Night Out, usually we take turns going to each others houses, which is way cool ~ cause, this group has great homes packed with ideas and loaded with their collections ~ but, tonight we will have dinner out together. This group of wild & sometimes crazy girls are a bit camera shy, but I will do my best to get some pics tonight. Because they say they are shy, I decided to change their names ~ protect the innocense ~ so here goes.

Meet my not so imaginary girlfriends ~ "the crazy chicks"~ with their new names....
  • "Sadie Mae" ~ very talented but has her very definite opinions.
  • "Julia Ann" ~ the most sincere of our group of gals.
  • "Louisa Elle" ~ our genuine friend, she doesn't have any habits....
  • "Ingrid Jayne" ~ Has trouble keeping up with her belongins ~the craziest of our group.
  • "Katherine Gay" ~ has the cutest smile, makes you think she is up to something...
  • "Carly Que" ~ the best handwriting of our group, what a cute gal.
  • "Flossie Belle" ~ the coordinator of our group, she is quite orderly.
  • "Hilda Jean" ~ the financial wizard, she balances our books.
  • "Lou Ellen" ~ the founder of the "chicks night out" ~ she keeps us in line.

All of these names really fit you "chicks" - can you figure out who you are in the group?

It's time for dinner out so we are going to Urban Flats at the Avenue in Snellville ~ have you ever eaten there? Wonderful wheat flatbreads garnished with a variety of toppings, my favorite, Turkey~Pear~& Brie. Yum! With the best wedge salad with wasabi dressing! I'll bring my appetite because this place is worth going hungry too. They also feature one of my favorite desserts ! Chocolate Fondue ~ with pound cake, marshmellows, strawberrys, pineapple for dipping. Maybe one or two of the girls will want to share, its enough for 3.

Hopefully, David and I will have some time this weekend for "junkin" - maybe Sunday. He needs some new but vintage treasures for the "village" ~ but we just haven't had the time lately.

Off, to make the most of my day off & that cake to bake!

fondly, ~a vintage hag

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