Friday, February 6, 2009

Pictures ~ Few as they are ~ I promised to give you what I could get....

My Vintage Heart's (Susan's) fabulous shabby spot. Shabby is a good thing in my book, she cleans everything up nicely but never damages the patina. I love the mirror, rose painting, and the red/white cupboard. What a great eye for detail and if one thing is missing at the end of the day ~ My friend Susan misses it quickly.......... runs to her locker for her money~!

The "debut pics" with the camera, edited by myself... they can only get better, I hope....

More MVH spots ~ she's at the front so I got several of her spots, my plan was to get many others, too! (to the right side....)
Cool Birdhouse, Susan!

On the left, Jeanine's beautiful simply traditional spot. You can always find awesome vintage lighting, all rewired by her darling husband, Paul ~ for saftey when they arrive in their new forever home.

Okay, so rule #1 when you take the camera to work, it works more efficently if you turn it off so the battery doesn't run down while you are running errands on the way to the "Village". So, it only lasted for a few shots, but I will do this again tomorrow with a full batttery and promise to get more current shots, on my own (not stealing Dari's from the website) for this new blog. I want you to see how wonderful we look, and I work alot of days so its constantly changing. New Vintage Treasures arrive daily at the "Village" and some don't last long enough even for Dari to see later in the week.
Rule #2 ~ learn a bit about this picture uploading, they go where ever they please, the other blogs I LOVE don't seem to have this issue, I'll study up ~ so this is a more orderly next time.

I managed to get several photo's to share ~ before the camera died. I know, I can do another post with more pictures that are easier to see ~
so, I'll be right back...... ~one vintage hag

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