Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time Worn Interiors ~ 100th Post Giveway ~ You will want to WIN~!

So, by now you know without any doubt that I aDoRe ~ Theresa ~ Time Worn Interiors,
when the original Lakewood was here each month I would always buy the most from
Theresa & Craig ~ even rented an over sized van (bigger than my "truck") one month since the were bringing me the most wOnDeRfUl Vintage Distressed Corner Cabinet ~ like 7 to 8 Feet Tall. If we hadn't moved back to our "Cozy Condo" ~ (pictures soon, I promise....) I would have kept that ~ but it sold very quickly to our Valued Customer "Kathie" at the "village" so it went to a good home........ Okay so, I'm rambling....
On Theresa's blog ~
She has her 100th post ~ and is giving away "Not much, but hopefully enough to make you want to leave me a comment to get in on the drawing!" ~ Oh, my gosh ~ not much?
If it comes with any of her "magic dust" for terrific vintage treasures ~ I would lOvE it~! You may register on the link above and she will draw a winner at 7 p.m. on Sunday. Theresa, I would love for you to draw my name and you don't have to enter me but once, I mention you on this "baby blog" all the time.... Your deserving of all kinds of praise & I've only just begun...
Her "not much" includes ~ I'd say its "quite a lot" ~ gives me some ideas for my 100th so mark as a favorite and you would win when I do my 100th, it will be here quick, I'm sure...
Living with Lace by: Bo Niles (A great book, I don't have one either....)
& a Small cloche with (fake) bird nest and egg (too darn cute~!)
& a Small ironstone pitcher (with small stained crack) ~ (I adore pieces with age "character" & I lOvE little ironstone pieces)
& ~Necklace with prism pendent (sounds precious...., and you know I love the pendants ~ Especially, one of my recent purchase from "The Painted Fern")
& A couple old letters (1957) (bet they are a great read....)
So, good luck ~ enter to win. Or maybe just maybe I will win. That would be wwwwwaaaayyyyyy cool. Anything that she puts together will be terrific.
You know that I miss Theresa & Craig tErRiBlY ~ used to see her every month. Even took them "home baked" goodies at the Holidays.... I miss the Original Lakewood but promise to make another trip to 400 soon. David, myself and "baby Sebastian" went one month..... early on and were there only 20 minutes ~ left with nOtHiNg ~ and you know we buy complete different stuff ~ that even allowed some time for everyone to "pet the little white guy" ~ was depressing. I can't wait to meet "Chippy's" ~ "The Painted Fern" and I've already met Nancy, "Sassy Trash" but I want to shop with them all, too~! I'm already planning a trip in March ~ my "Saturday off" ~ that's only a few a year ~ and have invited many from the shop. If you want to tag along ~ let me know,
the more the merrier~!
Thanks so much for your "comments" on my new blog ~ they mean the so much to me. So, Congrats on your 100th post ~ blog on my friend, Theresa ~(I hope you draw my name, I would give your "not much" a great home~!) Your one in a Million ~ Your inspiration is never ending for this ~
~one vintage hag

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