Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vintage Village ~ Birthdays ~ Friends ~ Celebrations~!

Today, February 18 ~ Fox ~ (left with the pretty smile) ~ Happy Birthday~!

I’ve learned that I need to look more closely at the "village" birthday list ~ (since we have several new dealers ~ I need a new birthday list from ~hag 2) and that of my friends (they are in my personal calendar) ~

SW, Susan had a birthday on 2/15 ~ Susan, My apologies for this late wish ~ Hope your birthday was as “Special” as you ~ If there is someone I never want to forget to acknowledge, Susan would be it. She is so kind, patient, ~ she teaches “Middle School” ~ that in itself deserves a “medal” ~ She purchased a “Tahoe” from my Darling Husband ~ and should I tell everyone about the “dreams”?
Love you ~ Susan! ~hag

So, Today ~ February 18 ~ My Friend Karen, Our Dealer, Fox ~ Birthday ~
Happy Happy Day ~ Fox!
The most “loveable” friend ever, Karen is the type "Much Younger" friend everyone needs.

She is cheerful, giving, has a great smile & attitude, she is “busy” ~ works full time and puts her all in at the “village” ~ She is Goal Oriented ~ Always wants “more” (yes, that’s a good thing…) ~ Has beautiful array of wares in her spot(s), is a great decorator, Wonderful Wife & Mother to~ “Chuckles” & “Demi”. Now, Karen reminds me of two people you may know ~ the first “Melinda Doolittle” ~ Love her spunk, her determination & her overall passion with her goals & her life. & "Dr. Miranda Bailey" (on Gray’s) ~ Dr. Bailey has everyone "under her wing" & they are all going to do “what she wants” ~ Karen looks after all of us ~ and yes, all of us at one time. She keeps us "tucked under her wing" ~ makes sure "all is well" ~ sends emails when you need a “lift” or gives you that “wink” & “smile” when we need one.

Karen and I share more than one trait ~ but, it seems the most important ~ we have to “check our faces” ~ expressions we have that tell you every detail about what we are thinking and more…… So, we keep an eye on each other when needed ~ that way we stay out of "trouble".

Karen, My wish for you this birthday:

Dearest Sweetest Karen,
When I run back the "clips" of some of your best "feature moments", you win hands down for creating the most treasured memories of the sweet person I have had the pleasure to know. They are, just as you: deep, rich, and oh, so rare! I hope to be cast often in your next decades of "features"- I'd feel lucky to have any part!!
"Happy Birthday My Very Young Friend"

Lots of love, ~one vintage hag
p.s. ~ keeping an eye on "Time Worn Interiors" ~ its almost her 100th post ~ "who wouldn't want to win something from Theresa" ~
Great Blog packed with inspiration I need so often~!
Happy Posting TWI ~ ~hag


  1. What a great blog, I can tell you really enjoy writing it! I can feel a MMFF blog coming your way soon!
    Miss you Theresa

  2. Theresa ~ You are TOO Sweet. I would love a MMFF to come my way.
    Can't wait for your package to arrive.

  3. Happy Birthday to my friend Karen!! Love ya, hon & even though you just had another birthday, I know I've got 10 more on you....getting ready to find me a gooood chair for you to push me in while we're junkin'!!