Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday, Happiness & "Grey's Anatomy".... Are you with me?

"Happiness is different from pleasure. Happiness has something to do with struggling, enduring, and accomplishing."

Happy Saturday ~ Its back the the "village" for me ~ think I will do a "Sale Table" outside today - bit breezy & a bit cold, but not bad ~ may sell some older inventory. "Smalls".

Still, not ready to talk about my "trying Thursday afternoon" ~ still "mulling" & "processing" ~ it was upsetting. So, more on that when I'm ready...

Do you happen to watch "Grey's Anatomy" ? ~ It's one of our "fav's" each week ~ I have friends that remind me of so many of the characters. Now, I happen to "adore" the music they play, the fun that the "interns" have - but my favorites are ~ Meredith, Derek, Izzie & Alex ~ and of course, Dr. Bailey ~
We have a dealer "Fox" she is our Dr. Bailey at the "village" ~ we have a customer "Angie" that looks like "Meredith" ~ There is always a "Derek" in every bunch & can't you relate to "Izzie"?
For today, and the next few days ~ rearranged my playlist to include some songs from this "wOnDeRfUl" show that I think we can all enjoy. All these characters are so much like the "folks" we know in our lives ~ Who makes you "happy"?
For me, like them ~ Its "family" & "friends", "my Man" and being kept grounded by whomever is your "Dr. Bailey".
Happy Weekend... A busy one, they are the "best"~!
~one vintage hag
p.s. ~ got a "comment" recently that said "it may be your use of bold type" ~ now, for the record ~ bold is bold ~ that means something "special" and I hold many things "special" ~ its not uppercase ~ so, I'm talking with excitement ~ not, yelling~!

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