Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday "junkin" ~ Saw Paul & Jeanine & Found Treasures.... Tomorrow its off to Blairsville to finish up "Wedding Plans"...

So, Valentines is finished for the year ~ What did you get special? I got some darling "Charms" for my new Brighton Bracelet, that my "Baby" selected and added ~ right in the Brighton store today ~yea! Cute Stuff ~ will take a pic so you can see...... We both worked yesterday so shared today as our Valentine. Late lunch at Jason's Deli ~ boy is that good~! Great Salad Bar & over a pound of meat on their sandwiches ~ we brought home for dinner what we couldn't eat for lunch & our Strawberry Shortcake dessert...... yUm~

Above picture ~ Have to find some things to compliment my Vintage Organ Top (a beauty from Kentucky.....) some Fabulous Easter Treasures, vintage of course, would be my pick.... I sell Ton's of Scrabble Tiles so always on the hunt for those too.....

And, BEST of all we spent today together "jUnKiN" ~ its my favorite past time. David has such a different eye than I ~ so, its so much fun to go out looking around with him. Came back with a "truckload" ~ yea! A cool newer but charming Broyhill shelf unit piece with a light in a blonde distressed finish, a great metal oh so shabby, cabinet that needs the "hag" touch, a fAbUlOuS very large ottoman ~ the kind that is as large as a coffee table ~ great fabric & woven springs, and of course ~ boxes & boxes of smalls to clean & price. I did luck up on 3 Beautiful Sterling Silver Cheese Knives or some use as Pie cutters ~ a beautiful Sterling Cake Server (might see if Lin-ze wants to use that for the wedding) ~ and, a couple of gorgeous vintage brooches ~ "Whimsy" might just get one with her birthday basket ~ we have the same birthday and I know what she loves! Some for the "village" and some for eBay.That will get listed real soon and will be in the shop real soon, some is already there, we needed room in the truck for the week....

We saw Paul & Jeanine while we are out and had a nice "chat" ~ she got something really really cute today ~ wait til you see~! Paul has opened his own consulting business, more on that later. I'm excited for him~!

Now, Monday I'm off to Blairsville tommorow with Lindsey & Nannie for finishing up wedding plans... Flowers, Cabins & lunch ~out of course, a new place that she is considering the the rehersal dinner, I've seen the menu and it looks amazing ........ That will be a fun day~!

We continue to be really busy at the "village" ~ thank you for your continued patronage. We are trying to keep up on more and more and more ~vintage treasures ~ for all of you~!

~one vintage hag

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