Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing with the "camera" ~ Some candid things at home that make me sMiLe ~

What makes you smile?.....
For me, it's candid shots around our home ~ our "cozy little condo" ~ complete with plantation shutters (love them...) on our windows ~ pictures of those soon. And, once I get my matte white pottery and vintage alarm clocks back up on my family room shelves about 13" from the ceiling on 1 full wall and around the top of the double window side wall, cool ~ (David gets the shelves for his "Christmas in the City" Villages each winter, those are down now but it takes time for me to have my vintage treasures back up ~right) ~ my "favorite" collection ~ I promise pictures. That is actually my favorite thing to look at (except for my family, of course...) when I'm home ~ it's taken years to accumulate the amount I have, and they have come from everywhere ~ from here to Ohio. Some very cool planters, vases, animals, with some vintage ironstone ~ all vintage & all in white finish ~ it looks scrumptious when I have it up~! Yummy~ with the vintage alarm clocks scattered about. Some of my lil old clocks actually came from New York ~ bought from "My Vintage Heart" after one of her "girls" trips.
And, then when I do my picket fence back porch ~ wait until I have all my "posies" (& little grape tomato plants) for pictures ~ with the concrete statues ~ lots of places to sit to read a good book on sunny afternoons. Why, I have all sorts of ideas for shots from home to share with you..... but, for now, today on my brief stroll around our home....for what made me smile.
I need lots and lots of picture practice.
Terrific picture of my Dad, "Butch" (what his Grandchildren called him) he was an ultimate "mess" ~ great fun always ~ lots of memories of him doing everything the "grandchildren did" ~ this was the motorcycle at "Chuckie Cheese" & Yes, like his little ones ~ he rode with grand style, too. Funny stuff...I sure miss him, and his gracious help for all those years at the "village".
Nannie's Vintage Monkey ~ her childhood toy ~ that lives on the vintage wardrobe in our guest room. He makes sure everything down below is going well from his perch high on top.
He's a cutie, Glad I have him ~ great "memory" of my Mother's Childhood.

"Sebastian" our little white guy ~ napping in "his chair" (great floral fabric we used to recover, its an old wing back in great shape) ~ love the suitcase beside him turned up on its end, when you have small spaces every surface counts ~in our family room. What a "ham" he truly is... ~ need to work on not starry eyes when I photograph him, his eyes are really really dark ~ like his nose. Our "four-legged" baby ~ "The King".

Little "Clayton", backwards words too... ~ (boy has he grown, but still loves UNC) ~2001 playing in football in the snow at the Park ~ had that memory made the paper here so, it's framed ~ for the guest room where they stay when they are "home".

Beautiful Ironstone Brown Transferware Wash Bowl on the marble top washstand at the top of our stairs ~ I love letter "d's" ~ one of my many collections. And, candles ~ lots and lots of candles everywhere ~ especially my Gold Canyon Mulled Cider ones.

A cozy place to rest our heads, all folded down and ready for sleep....Our refuge at the end of every day. David, Sebastian and I share this spot.

One of my "many" vintage hag signs.... this one in the office we share.
Just playing with the Camera for a bit, candid shots around home that make me smile....Please Excuse, my slightly out of focus and red eyes, I'm learning.... at least I'm practicing for the more important shots that will come later. Something to share, on a rainy & even some "hail" sort of afternoon.
~one vintage hag
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