Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Forgot Something Important ~ Chick Fil A Receipt Day ~ Read on...

So, I've told you that my Darling Son, Clayton works part-time at the Snellville Chick-fil-a. Its the one on Hwy 78/Main Street in Snellville.

Today they are doing something special..... JUST this LOCATION! You can buy any food all day long today - and get a yellow receipt ~ Special Yellow Color. Keep that receipt and redeem it NEXT WEEK for the same food you ordered today, the only difference is next week's food is FREE. Same exact food you got this week again next week.

I know that a lot of the dealers at the "village" eat lunch and/or dinner at this location so go TODAY ~! And, don't forget to get your Special Yellow Receipt. This deal certainly beats McDonald's free fries at special times.

Remember, its just the Hwy 78/Main Street Snellville location - no others today.
And, use your yellow receipt for "free lunch" or dinner next week. What a deal ~ I'm on my way for lunch before I head to the shop!

happy "free" food~ing.... ~one vintage hag


  1. I'd seen they were doing this, but I forgot...thanks for the reminder. One of my favorite spots for lunch! (and I always get to say Hi to Clayton!)

  2. Yes, and I know how you like chick-fil-it.
    He will be there today for you to say hello,
    the must be covered up, they called him in early before he ever left GSU this a.m.
    Looking foward to tomorrow working at the village, wait til you see my new necklace!