Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dinner, "Hags", New Finds, New Friends, Preston....

Finished cleaning, had lunch at Chinese with Nannie & Clayton joined us too. He didn't have class and was off at work so he went to get his Military ID today ~ its official, he'll be leaving in August for Basic Training in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri ~ to learn how to defend this our Great Nation, I'm certainly a Proud Mom! ~ So, I'm back to finish this mornings post blogs ~ give you some news that needs to be shared and finally the definition of what these "Hags" are.

So, we had a great dinner, but during our meal I decided that a few "imaginary names" didn't fit so I revised those this morning so they are more fitting. Our whole "Chicks" group was there, Ingrid Jayne was in rare form and had trouble deciding what to eat, then had trouble locating her keys that had fallen the the bottom of her purse but were hanging on her finger all the while.... Flossie Belle got her straightened out. Ingrid needs a full time keeper. Lots of "wedges" were ordered and enjoyed, some of us shared food so we could try alot - everything at Urban Flats is excellent. Hilda Jean treated us to both dinner and desserts (the Chocolate Fondue's) - we were kind and shared. Yummy! and Thanks Hilda for treating us to dinner! I took the "Chicks" Valentines Cupcakes, made those instead of a cake yesterday so I would have a treat for my friends. ~ Next month we go to the home of Louisa Elle ~ I've been there before and LOVE all her collections, she decorates for others so she has a beautiful place filled to the brim with awesome vintage treasures ~ even a great "Crows Nest" sign. Now, all these "chicks" are bashful so there won't be any pictures, yet.... but someday I will catch one of them in a pose and you will be the first to see.

Now, let me share my latest find for me~ From "The Painted Fern" ~ Jocelyn makes these fabulous
~Hearts cut from the pages of an old French novel placed on burlap and soldered into delightful charms... Yours Forever... ~
My friend & talented dealer, Susan "My Vintage Heart" will be so jealous of my new heart charm & necklace ~ I'll tell her where to send her check, my payment went in the mail today. The Painted Fern also sells at Lakewood 400 an Antique Market venue pretty close to us. I will make going a priority to meet her and to check out the "Chippy's" - some of Theresa's (Time Worn Interiors) friends. You know how much I love Theresa's stuff.

Today, much to my surprise Sweet Repose left a message on my blog about the Gold Canyon candles that I adore. Take a peak at her blog, I'm ready to move to Iowa and live in her darling wonderful precious amazing Pink Cottage. I better go shopping for some coats because its really cold there. ~ this hag will be "following her to her path of paradise, Iowa". Can't wait to read more she has to share. I'd be honored to call any friend of Theresa's a friend of mine. Got another Sweet Message from Kathy ~ ~ she is a dear customer of ours at the Village ~ love peaking at her projects on her blog. We're looking forward to seeing you soon, Kathy ~ we'll have the heat on so you can stay warm while you shop! Sure hope Theresa gets her internet service back soon, I adore her blog and her cool stuff!

Now, let me tell you a bit about "Hags" - no, we don't talk about "little pretties", we don't have green or pointed noses, we don't wear hats, we don't have jet black hair but we do cover up our gray. We don't wear pointed shoes and we're basically to old for heels most of the time. We don't have tattered skirts but sometimes I wish I did. We don't ride brooms~ except around our lovely shop. Webster's says that a "hag" is ~ a noun ~Obsolete a female demon or evil spirit a witch; enchantress an ugly, often vicious, old woman~ So let me assure you we aren't obsolete, we don't care for demons or evil spirits (we have those picked up from our shop, another wild story for another day....but I can't wait to share about Mr. Brown....) ~ we are not often vicious, but can be when prevoked~ we aren't "old women" ~yet ~And we are surely not enchantress or ugly. We are the "Good Hags" - you know like Glenda the good witch. We pursue happiness, love vintage treasures, care greatly about the dealers at Vintage Village, Why we are promoters of the "coziest shop around" , we love shopping for junk, we love selling treasures, we love our valued customers, we love Vintage Village! We are fondly called the "Hags" by many (let me assure you we have been called much worse....). So my best guess is that we are just the opposite of what old Mr. Webster refers to as a "hag". Stop by the Village one day and maybe just maybe you will get to meet a "Hag" in person!

Now, let me end on a sad note ~ One of our sweet dealers, Wren has a special needs Grandson, his name is Preston. He and his sister, Kinsey went for checkups at the Dr. on Monday, Preston began having seizures and was rushed to Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Atlanta. Thank goodness they were close at their Dr's office. He has been there ever since ~ this is the update I got from Wren this afternoon~
" got home last night to no electricity. Came on about 3:00 AM. BBBrrr cold... almost went to Taryn's. Monday night Preston's temp went up again and he had another seizure. He is also having trouble breathing. They have him on a machine to help him breath.... something like a C Pak.... They did a cat scan and lung x-rays, and bunches of tests, but can not find what is causing his temp to flare or the seizures. Doctor said he will be on seizure meds for the rest of his life. Taryn (Preston's Precious Mom) has not slept since Sunday night.
There are many things that are SURE about Preston ~ he has a loving Mother, Grandmother & Sister that care deeply about him. He has our Good Lord watching over him and the knowledge of the Dr's at one of the Best Childrens Hospitals around ~ I've only had the pleasure of meeting Preston once and he is a darling little boy, with an adorable smile ~ I sure he gets to go home real soon and rest in his own bed. We are thinking about all of you.....

More soon ~ one vintage hag

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