Friday, February 20, 2009

Still very excited.... It's going to be a Great Friday at the 'Village"

From "Mary Kay Andrews"~ On this little Ole' blog I just started.... can you believe that?

"Thanks so much for mentioning that you enjoy my books. I'll have to check out your shop. You know I love me some vintage!" Is what she said, and in response to her ~ "Thank you for writing such great books for all of us who adore all things vintage" ~ another reader post suggested some "autographed copies" of her books for part of my 100th post giveaway ~ any of her books autographed or not would be a "treasure" and I will remember to add at least one ~maybe two.
"Blue Christmas" ~ is a Must Read after both her "Savannah" books ~ its a holiday version with the same lovable characters. Mary Kay Andrews~ I sure hope you are working on more works with all my favorites from that "Savannah Antique Shop" ~ makes you want to go "junkin" right then, just get in the car and drive there, now~!
I'm excited about this weekend at the "village" ~ its such a pleasure to have such a wonderful shop ~ I do hope "Mary Kay Andrews" will come shopping ~ how fun would that be? Today, I'm working with "Piggy" & "Whismy" then "Fox" comes in later ~ it will be a great day~!
Perfect weather, just a tad chilly ~ for a "sidewalk display" ~ my priority for first thing this morning ~ maybe I'll include a $1 table ~ Come sHoPpInG ~ You won't be disappointed~!
Get a couple Mary Kay's Books for this weekend "Read's" ~ you will love them~!
~one vintage hag
p.s. ~ haven't forgotten ~ I will tell you about my "trying afternoon" on Thursday soon. Still "cooling off"...
Theresa (Time Worn Interiors) ~ 173 comments on her 100th giveaway this morning, Sunday is the drawing ~ enter to win, My fingers are crossed~!


  1. Vintage Drama....please please share your trying afternoon. We love this stuff. Dari

  2. Ms. Need This Antiques,
    You will be happy to know that is wasn't "vintage" drama - it was "punk" drama.
    I will share soon, promise. ~hag