Friday, February 6, 2009

Pictures ~ My new Challenge... More from today~!

Now, a few other pictures to share. I'll figure out how all the other blogs post such pretty pictures right in the spot they are intended. Please, be patient with me....

Below, What fabulous ironwork! And, I love the color of the green door that has a mirror behind ~ it's attached. Wonder ~ when she'll put a price on it. Darling Vintage Children's Valentines in an awesome vintage silver plate footed compote. Cute stuff, we always have a great selection of Vintage and even New Charming Seasonal decor. Easter has begun to trickle in so come by fast for the best selections, gotta get those early.....
More, My Vintage Heart shots, you know her spots are close to the front of the store so that is where I started. Then, my camera batteries (rechargeable ones) DIED. Sorry! I promise, more pics tomorrow with fresh batteries. I never tire of browsing (and, okay I'll admit it, buying) in her spots. Fabulous Vintage Finds ~ all , Very Reasonably Priced.

In the top left picture, This new arrival in Susan's spot deserves it's own post. Its a door made into a hall tree. How Cool is That! Comes with the fabulous white frame, gold decorative mirror, the cute little shelf with brackets ~ ready to hold a beautiful Vintage Lamp or your favorite little collections......... Great Color Scheme, It will find a new home soon ~ I'm sure of it. Wish I had a place at home.

Let me not forget the vintage ironstone tureen it's a Great Find as well, perched on its glass top table. I love Old Ironstone!

If you haaaaaaaavvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee to have any of these cool vintage wares, call the shop. We'll hold them til you can get there~! Normal hold times are 2 hours, cause our treasures go fast!

Now, for tomorrow, I'm back to the shop ~ I'll attempt to get pictures of Lbi's, Rjk's, Dari's, Kris', North, Wren, Fox, Lt, Etc, Asp, Ella, Cp, Elsa, Ratso, Camp, Piggy's, Sam & Braves, Bed, Mag, Mmg & Mae. You see, the list of dealers with their own unique style goes on and on...........and, new dealers moving in by the end of the month. Have I mentioned, that Lynn & Jimmy are coming BACK ~ we are Thrilled to Pieces. They have fantastic vintage treasures, and yes, another very unique display, presentation style. Jimmy is another of our very supportive husbands, they haul, help load, clean our stuff and even have suggestions, Imagine that.
Our talented dealers out-do themselves. They one up each other all the time. I have a hard time keeping up. Maybe my spots will look good enough for some pictures soon, I'm going "junkin" and out to lunch with David on Sunday ~ yea!

Still alot more to come, I have many dealers (over 40....) I'd love for you to meet. And, Our Children, they will get a turn, even the Little White Guy ~ our 4 legged child, Sebastian,
he's the cutest Little White Miniature Schnauzer, ever ~ so smart & grateful. Hope he will be a "Daddy" soon.

Stay tuned....... ~one vintage hag

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