Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lindsey's Upcoming Wedding ~ Look how CUTE~!

Many of you know, we are planning a "wedding" we'll actually Lindsey is ~ I'm just given certain "missions" by her. Well, her wedding is an evening outdoor special event in the North Georgia Moutains ~ so amognst other things, we are providing water for her "guest". These are the precious labels I ordered today, this gal does a terrific work, I've gotten several other wedding things from her, let me know if you need her site address. How "Cute"~! Now, I do need your help ~ my newest mission is to find these "terry wraps" for her bridesmaids (not Clayton, though...another story for later) ~ have any of my "blog buds" seen these anywhere, I need the white with honeydew color ribbon that has white polka dots. H~E~L~P ....her friend Sallie had these with her attendants dress colors for her bridesmaids and Lindsey loves them so, she wants to do the same.

Another, full & eventful day "Gold Buy" at the shop but I'll peak in a bit later...

~one vintage hag

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  1. Hag, did you try Smiling Dog? They can do anything.