Sunday, February 22, 2009

Great Saturday at the "Village", Great Sincere Friends & Some Really "crazy" Ones... I'm a "lucky duck"~!

David and I ended our day with dinner and of course, "margaritas"~ with "Mr. & Mrs. Ultimate Perfect Couple" ~have to protect their identity since not everyone will dine with a "hag". We both had "perfect" Saturday's ~ we both "sold a lot". So cause, for celebration with "M/M UPC" ~ Delightful "specialty" dinner (they rate...) ~ Super Company that I monopolized with my "trying Thursday afternoon details" Sorry for the too much gore.... & details... We enjoyed our dinner, "margarita's" and their company immensely. I promise no "profanity" next time and I will listen intently to details about your "weeks". Mr. UPC just started his own company ~ I'm thrilled for them. Mrs. UPC has the memory of an "elephant" she remembers things I told her years ago.... "Perfect" Way to End the "Perfect" Day, We are truly blessed to have this UPC as Friends. I'd say... Looking forward to next time.

Finally, broke my "no sale" streak at the "village" today - happens to the best of us. I claimed Saturday, "my day" ~ just in terms of having a sale and I had a great day ~ "thanks girls..." ~ Thrilled that I sold a Fabulous Vintage Yo Yo Quilt from a Kentucky Shopping Trip ~ A Wonderful Vintage Porch Swing ~ its hung on the ceiling in my spot for a while... it got a new "good home" ~ and many way cool vintage smalls were sold from the "hag" spots today. Yea~! I love selling treasures~!

Gone too soon ~ sometimes our "friends" even the dearest ~ leave us too soon. This is Debbie Atkinson, a dear sweet loving favorite customer ~ who we saw often in our cozy shop ~ she was in last on November 19 with her friend "Becky", another of our dear sweet regular customers & friends. ~ We love these girls, actually, we love all our "sweet customers"~ they are part of the "village friends". Both dear, Both sweet, Both loving, Both dealers at other shops, Both favorites, Both who share their smiles, their stories & both that care about all of us ~ genuinely~! Had the pleasure of seeing "Becky" in the shop Saturday, with her very sweet Husband, Art. ~ her first time back since the tragic death of "Debbie" a week after they shopped with us on "Hags" Holiday Open House Candlelight Night, those nights we share 'freshments,freebies, fellowship and and holiday cheer with all our "sweet customers", Our way to give back for their continued patronage to the "village" ~ a way for us to go "all out" for their shopping enjoyment. Becky ~ We "Miss" Debbie ~ We "Miss" those visits and the many special things we shared with her, we miss her stories & sometimes her tears, we miss our "hugs", we miss her search for the perfect "vintage bluebird china piece" to add to her collection, we miss hearing about her darling Daughter, "Donna" and that precious grand baby ~ "Claire". We miss you and Debbie in for a "junkin jaunt", always accompanied with your laughs & smiles. Becky ~ We are so glad to have you back out and about shopping ~ with us. We look forward to seeing you and Art again, Soon. Pictures we discussed will be sent to you today. Love, ~hag

My Saturday surprise, this "invitation" to our "Chicks Night" at the home of "Louisa Elle" ~ she is our "wild and not so crazy chick" ~ This picture was on the invitation we all received via email ~ I'm in. Can't wait ~ although, it really wasn't necessary for her to show off her "tramp stamp" (who knew...) she should have known we would "show the world wide web". Stay Tuned, I'm sure being in her home on March 3 will be a true delight.
Should I take my camera...?

I'd say in conclusion ~ I'm one "lucky duck" ~ to have friends like these, memories that will never fade and "plans" to do some really special things with my "dear friends". I'm blessed to be apart of this "business of bliss" ~ you surely meet the nicest folks that will be in our "forever's"...." All that and a comment from my favorite Author "Mary Kay Andrews" ~ I've had a Wonderful Week.

Grateful.... ~one vintage hag

my fingers & toes are crossed ~ tonight at 7 Theresa (time worn interiors) draws for her "100th post giveaway" ~ found a lucky penny yesterday ~ maybe, just maybe....


  1. Hey girl , quite a cute post -- i as a buyer feel privileged to get to show -- where w e feel welcomed and cherished as customers -- Loving to just see what is going on -- even when I cannot drive there each day !!
    Blessings - kathy - ga - countruchintz

  2. oops sorry this customer forgot to check her spelling -- lol -
    supposed to be--- shop
    kathy - ga

  3. Kathy,
    We are always delighted to have you. One of the "favs" at the "village".
    Thanks so much for your continued patronage and your inspirations to do this "blog".
    ~one vintage hag