Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"The Bachelor" ~ Kinda Cool ~ Who's your pick?

So, if you scanned the list of the things I "adore" ~ reality TV is amongst the favorites. Stupid, maybe but not the depressing news, its a break from all the "hum drum economy talk", from the everyday all day news of what "Obama" is doing, or the crime in your area. Actually I find it kind of uplifting, especially when the "Bachelor" finds someone perfect for him. That hasn't always happened but I happen to adore my "fairytale ending" and wish that for everyone. Even, "Jason".
He has earned a right to "be happy", to "cuddle up" with a special someone in the evenings, and yes, "Ty" deserves someone special ~ not to replace his "Mom" but to "grow up" with ~ to fix his boo-boos, to read stories, to swing in the park.
You know ~ to make those "special memories" that each of us deserve.
I thought It was funny that "Jillian" said you have to "slay a few giants" before you find "Prince Charming..." ~ I just said that before she did yesterday on this blog. I know how true that is ~ I've lived it. So, I will jump right out there to say that "Jillian" is probably going to be the next "Bachlor~ette" ~
a sweetie she is ~ she deserves to find her "Prince Charming" too.
Probably the Best Bachelor, Ever... "Jason" is adorable, well rounded, funny, great personality, loving, caring. I think he is a "catch". Yes, he has a precious little boy ~ I would be way proud of my Son if he hung on with his child. That could be really tough for a guy - it was tough on me for those years that I was solo with little Children.
By days end, you sure sleep good.

So, my choice ~ "Melissa" ~ did you happen to here her "knock knock" joke with "Ty" ~ to darn cute~! All around I think she would be the best fit for "Jason" & his darling Son. So,
Clayton if you happen to read this (and, I know you won't....) I would be tickled if someday you brought home a "Melissa" ~ as your "choice". Just planting a little seed since "he" isn't even dating anyone right now ~ has "military" on his mind.... "Melissa" struck a "cord" from the beginning, I love to see them smile at each other. I loved their first one on one date ~ I loved their "talks" ~ I just think they are really really good together. Her "Parents" - didn't give her choices much of a chance, hope I wouldn't do that ~ but, I bet in the "end" off camera ~ "Jason" did pay them a private visit ~ if he cares about "Melissa", if meeting her Parents is so important in the scheme of their relationship ~ that is what he did.
Now, "Molly" isn't bad ~ she is actually a "sweetheart" but I think she will come in "second". Can't wait for "Monday" to see who he picks.
But, for me ~ no "Bachelor" today ~ I have a full day at the "village". My "buds" (Cp, Elsa & Mag) were looking out for this "hag" yesterday when they asked one of our "favorite pickers" to come back by around 2:00, when I arrived.
They knew I would love that "truck full of junk" ~
I bought a Crackled Chippy Paint two door cupboard (it's really sweet), a darling shabby suitcase in "red", a great chippy paint deep "drawer" (you can always use an extra drawer, today I'll add a crystal knob ~ cute) ~ a pile of shabby silver plate, two old lots of character 2 pane windows (wonder where they've been?) a very old pretty milk glass mini lamp (had to cut the fabric cord..), and a great looking Novel (that I can read before I sell) kinda a two for one. So, I'm off to fit all that in ~ it's really time for a complete re-do in my two spots at the "village" ~ so maybe if time permits today I can get started on that.
I love having new "junk" to play with. Come see us...
~one vintage hag

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