Monday, February 2, 2009

So, a Second Post today, My Day At Vintage Village and I'd like for you to meet my friend, Dari~

This is my friend, Dari ~ (the scuba diver, antique dealer, web designer ~ read more about her below)

So, I was pretty much right about how our day at the "village" would go, Betty, Marilyn and I all brought lunch (homemade soup!) Yum! Marilyn brought brownies with great icing.... wonder how many calories that was that hit my stomach? Nancy brought a coke but just a plain diet - not the one with lime since she hasn't been to the store this week.... Great traffic, great spending, I bought a treasure or two for me.... Overall really good enjoyable day! Yea!

Now, if I told you that his was on the label, I know you would buy it too - From "I Need This Antiques" in Vintage Village ~"Vintage Child's Muffin Tin. Perfect for soap making, candy or muffins with your child. Or fill with wax and wicks and make mini votives. Circa 1970's"

Yes, it came home with me today for only $3.00. There is a second one if you'd like to go get it. That's the detail that my talented friend & dealer Dari takes with each and every one of her tags and there are many in her spot at all times. Most customers want to keep them, so we just have to cut her inventory number off for her tickets. She uses words like Fantastic, Terrific, Super, Lovely, etc. - my Dad said when he used to work for us that for every adjective you could add a dollar. Dari must not have heard him as her prices for true vintage finds are remarkable. Not only is she a over the top creative dealer with fabulous vintage finds, she loves scuba diving, is the Proud Mother of a terrific Son(s), who serves to protect us & his country, She is a proud grandmother of a darling granddaughter, She is our Website manager - for lack of a better term. She makes our website the best. Great PIctures that she changes often and specials that are upcoming, anything you would want to know about Vintage Village can be found there anytime.

Don't miss the site or Dari's spot when you are in for a visit. She is certainly one of the Best in my book! Thanks for your Inspiration Dari, for sharing some of your "fantastic" pictures with me until I learn and for making Vintage Village look so good on the "Web". I am honored to have Dari as my friend and a dealer in our shop!

More post soon - there is lots I want to share & lots I would you for you to meet.
~a vintage hag

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