Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meet My Dear Sweet Friend and Vintage Village Dealer ~ Lisa

Lisa serving homemade baked goods at our 2008 Hags Holiday Open House Candlelight Event

Now, It would be a Pleasure to introduce you to my Dear Sweet Friend, Lisa.

Everyone needs a “genuine” friend and Lisa is mine. Long ago, I learned that you meet the nicest people in the antique business. I have many Dear Friends,~Some, just because of Vintage Village. Lisa is one of those friends. Being a Talented Decorator, Lisa shopped with us before asking one day about a spot. I was thrilled that she would want to be apart of our shop, she is the definition of “Cozy” ~ so long about the time Lisa joined us, we coined the phrase, “coziest shop around”. She has the most darling booth, with the best "junque". I will be brave and take some pictures in the shop tomorrow, I promise. And, Lisa’s spot will be included in those photo’s - it will be much prettier in person though, trust me.
Now, back to Lisa ~ she and her husband are the proud parents of 4 boys ~ there goes that phrase again “Special Place in Heaven for the Mother of 4 boys”, I’m sure for their Dad, Harold too. They are great Parents ~ often my example, of “dang, wish I could do that….”. She makes me laugh, has great stories to tell (booooyaaaaa – up from the shoulders with your hands…) I always enjoy time we share as limited as it is. Lisa and I have shared joy, laughter (we’re Moms, you have to laugh sometimes…) even some tears, our “boys” have a way of growing up and leaving the nest. As a Mother, you always wonder if all the good you teach sunk in, especially when they leave home, Lisa, I can assure you it stuck. You have terrific boys that you can believe in. Lisa strives serving others, and often takes more time in that service than she does for herself. I know that because, we all get the same number of hours each day and Lisa’s are always full hours with little time for sleep.
The Team Leaders at the shop fight over who gets Lisa on their days ~ usually Susan (My Vintage Heart) wins but sometimes I just have to have her with me.

Now, I wish that all of you could have Lisa for your friend, I’m grateful that she is mine, a bright spot in my day, an inspiration to me, an opinion I can always use, decorating advice that’s incredible, terrific shutters she had installed for me at our home, Ohhhhhhhh (that’s how she says it) I could go on and on about Lisa, Thank you for sharing just a little part of yourself with Vintage Village and me. I feel special having a true friend like you.

And, let me not forget to Wish Rachel aka: “Ratso” a Very Happy Birthdaym today! Hope your Day was Very Special Rachel, just like you!
You did have a sale at the Village today ~ so I know you will be excited about
that ~!
Current Shop pictures tomorrow, I promise~! ~one vintage hag


  1. Hey Deb! So glad you have a blog now I can see what's going on in your life! We miss you guys so much!

  2. Hey Hag! Your sweet post about me is so touching, but you know that all the other dealers who know me are thinking "she ain't all that."
    Thanks for making my day! You are one in a million and I love being a small part of "the village"- and your fabulous blog!

  3. Hey Hag!
    I count myself one of the lucky ones who knows...Lisa IS all that & more! Great feature of one of the best at the Village!!