Monday, February 23, 2009

"Sebastian" ~ New Dealers & Slaying your "Giants"

Do you know about "Schnauzers" ? ~ They are very Smart, Loyal, can be like a "Strong Willed Child" if you allow that, Protective, Territorial, they are Sturdy, have great "big dog" Personalities. They don't shed ~ and they come packaged many different ways.
Ours is a "miniature". Weighing about 17 pounds ~ no shedding, hypo-allergenic.
Meet "Sebastian" ~ "The Brat", Inspector General, The King. Our 4 legged child that rules this roost. He loves it when "Nannie" comes for a visit or "Lindsey" & "Clayton" are here ~ "play time" ~ not that he won't chase a ball that David and I throw for hours... He has a his "spot" in our Bed. Big ole brat~! We hope that "Sebastian"~ (yes, he is white and that is unusual) will be a "daddy" soon ~ his hopeful Wife, "Belle" is a cutie pie - she is petite ~ black & silver.
Funny how dogs already instinctively know to be "confident" to "dream big" ~ I understand they don't have perception of "size". What a great way to "slay your giants" ~ if you didn't realize how big they were. Same goes for "fear" ~ and almost always we see new "fearful" prospective dealers.
"If you believe in yourself, things are possible."

"Be Yourself. An original is worth more than a copy."

"You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down."

Above are some of my Motto’s for every day ~ I tell new dealers about these things, what they will experience and what to expect as they begin their journeys. What a fabulous start to a new endeavor in our business. What I call the “business of bliss”. We have some amazing new dealers that have joined the “village” and some experienced dealers that “have come home” ~ back to the place where they started their journey.
SSCCShana & Christy, Lslb ~ Leah, Lew ~ Lynn & Jimmy we are honored to have “all of you”. And even Ratso ~ Rachel, is pretty new to our business.

You make the individuality of our business have meaning.

All with different looks, different wares and different display techniques come to fruition.
Your individual talents ~ make our shop ~ our “picky dealer choices” really show. Not a day goes by that customers comment about “how pretty”, “how well displayed”, “how interesting" & "how much selection of wares” the “Village” offers.

So as we “Welcome” you to the “Village” ~ I Thank Each of You for contributing your gracious talents to our “big picture” ~ you make us “the coziest shop around”~! I wish you all the best in “selling” ~ in this new endeavor for each of you ~

The Antiques & Collectibles Business.

Just got a call from "Fox", who still has a bad cold "Feel Better soon , HM" ~ she and her terrific Sunday Crew ~ "Elsa" & "Sam" ~ beat my busy Saturday totals to a "pulp" yesterday - they were only there a little more than 4 hours and beat Saturday, U-P. Now, when we are that busy - I know all too well ~ some dealers don't get calls that "big treasures" sold ~ so "Fox" mentioned just a few ~ "Has" sold a piece, "VV 3 & 4's" vanity was picked up, "Fox" sold that pretty dresser and mirror with the floral embellishments. And, my "wonderful vintage porch swing" was picked up, too. Busy days up and down those "stairs" make you sleep real good,
Thanks Girls for our Super Busy Day~!

Some pictures really soon, gotta get the "new batteries" charged in this "Giant of mine" ~ the "camera" so you can see for yourselves their really pretty, really talented selection of wares.
Come by and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

~one vintage hag
p.s ~ i haven't forgotten to tell you about the "trying Thursday Drama ~ almost ready.... I will give you a sneak peak
14 - 8th grade football players ~ vandelism ~ trespassing ~ federal felony charges....
p.s.s ~ "My Vintage Heart" where are you? Are you back with a truck load of treasures? Write something soon so I know you are back with us.....


  1. Sebastian, you are a cute boy. Zoe, Hogan, Maggie and little Lilly say hi. Hope your wife is ready soon cause I want to see babies again. We need to meet for a walk in the park..

  2. Whimsy,
    You are sweet to talk so nice about me.
    Yes, we will have to "walk" in the park