Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wait til you hear about our "Chicks Dinner" ~

So, with the "Chicks" there is always something to tell - so I can't wait to share our dinner at Urban Flats last night.

Wonderful gourmet flats, salads & of course the Dark Chocolate Fondue for desserst (we shared...)

This morning, like every other (every other week on Wednesday) Wednesday Morning I'm going to clean "Nannie's" house ~ it's the least I can do for the "strongest little lady I know" ~ My Mom. Will have to devote a post to her sometime soon. What a wonderful Mother, Grandmother & Friend. She Swims with her friends while I clean~ then we have lunch together ~ today I think I'll have to have Soup!

"Baby, Its Cold Outside" - only 34 for our high........ yikes..

Oh, and I've been ask 100 times ~ What is a "Hag"? And, why do they call you that? So, I'll explain that later too.
Fondly ~one vintage hag

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  1. Hello - loving your blog - have tried to post twice - hmm not sure what the problem is -- WILL try agin - Love all your info and thanks for visiting my blog -- kathy - Lowry ♥