Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Great Buy ~ BEST Candles Ever, My Favorite~ Mulled Cider ~ Heritage Candle

On my favorites list is Gold Canyon Heritage Candles ~ I adore "Mulled Cider". Received an email right after my first post this morning that they are having a wonderful sale ~ I love bargins and this one is a bargin~
enter promo code N3BXZ935 anytime before Feb. 8 and get $15 off your order of $40 or more. I just got a shipment from Gold Canyon yesterday ~ shipping is always $5.95. And my house smells just like I am "Enjoying a warm cup of tart apple cider enriched by a unique blend of spices then slowly simmered."
~ these candles are the BEST ~ I've never had another that smells as good. My favorite is from the Heritage Line which is "Gold Canyon Signature Series™ jar candle and you'll soon discover why ours are simply "The World's Finest"®. Our superior wax and fragrance blends, enhanced by our unique double wicks, allow our candles to burn stronger, longer and more evenly. With a rainbow of scents and colors you're sure to find one for your every mood and for every room in your house. For that special occasion or just to enhance every day make them all more memorable with a Gold Canyon Signature Series candle. "
Want to order - log on to http://www.goldcanyon.com/ and pick a scent that you will enjoy, my February order will be placed today, then off to do that paperwork mentioned earlier and bake my cake!
Hope you love these ~one vintage hag

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  1. Congrats on your new blog! I'm a close friend of Theresa from Time-worn Interiors, I'm the one that tortures her with pictures of antiquein' in Iowa.

    This is a wonderful world of crazy vintage hags all desiring the same thing...the hunt for the junk...nuttin' like it to sooth the soul.

    I have a question, are the candles soy or paraffin, makes a huge difference, one is toxic, one is not. Nothin' like the smell of baked goods or flowers permeating the house, I know, I make candles and soaps. My house is yummy 24-7...enjoy the blog world...and junkin'...