Friday, September 24, 2010

An evening with DCHS Girls Varsity Volleyball what FUN

I'm sure that I've mentioned somewhere along the way that Lindsey, our daughter
the ultimate dream student, Thrasher Hockey Fan, Spanish major, High School Spanish Teacher is also the Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach at DCHS. There is no denying that she adores what she does ~ no denying the passion displayed every step of the way.
Being a bit of a journey from home I try to make at least one game each season and did just that on Tuesday evening. What fun! I was thrilled to have the opportunity to not only see the girls, take them each a little treat bag (even the Coach got a hAlLoWeEn treat bucket) and, get to see the team in action. This team features 9 Seniors who are playing at the high school level for their last season brought back so many memories of those last high school years for our children. Can't help but miss those times filled with anticipation of the next leg of their journeys.

DCHS girls varsity volleyball has been written about in the local papers and it was easy to see why. Even the coaches birthday was the headline of a recent article "Let them eat Cupcakes" ~ a reward for the team when they won the night before Lindsey's birthday and enjoyed cupcakes at the next practice to celebrate. Another article mentioned several Seniors on the team for their superior play ~ but that wasn't the focus on the court during the game I saw this week. They showed perfect sportsmanship, team work, communication, appreciation, and hustle. Easy to see that all of these girls have bright rewarding futures ahead whether returning for another season on the high school varsity court or pursuing their dreams in college and beyond. Sad, to be someone unknown sitting watching an exciting game and hear parents from the other team boosting and bashing. Even sadder to witness coaches showing unsportsmanlike conduct, screaming & yelling even to the point of little hissy fits. Really...!

Realizing that Coach Moon stops by her Mom's little blog every once in a while I thought she'd like to see her team here amongst those things vintage. It's no secret ~ I'm certainly proud of her many accomplishments (even those on the volleyball court with these talented athletic
high school girls).

For these special young lady athletes ~ I'm so glad I got to see you all in action.
I wish each one of you only the best not only in the remainder of this volleyball season & school year but in your next steps in the journey of your lives.

Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have
deep inside them--a desire, a dream, a vision. ~Muhammad Ali

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

♥ one vintage hag

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fresh "Little Monkey" Photo's Sebastians Coloring Contest

The first two entries were received yesterday in
Sebastian's Birthday Coloring Contest
(so, exciting... I can't wait to show him)
We've decided to have not only a "little winner" but a "big girl winner" too!
Submit those puppy pictures (you can print from here the picture below) colored, embellished, wonderful & fabulous no later than October 15 ~ Judging will be by Vintage Village Dealers with winners selected & shipped an age appropriate
hAlLoWeEn goodie box in time for your frightful festivities.

We're just practicing with this Goodies Bucket for Lindsey (shhhh!!!)
She'll be getting this one tonight when I go see her Varsity Volleyball team in action.

While the camera was handy a few fresh puppy shots.
Sebastian, the ever curious 4 legged Son doing something super strange with his ears.
Normally, floppy ~ guess he has some ideas of his own in mind for the upcoming holiday photos. What a treat that promises to be with two this year!

Sadie "Monkey" is the hardest little thing ever to photograph.
Cutie pa-tootie but all her pictures look like little black blobs.

Yep, she's changing colors. Lighter whiskers & eye brows still sun kissed deep mahogany highlights on her back with touches of deep silver on the backs of her little legs
and shes losing those puppy curls.
Wonder what she will look like when she's a big girl?
Still a pip-squeak I'm certain.

"Best Buds"
Yet, night & day ~ not just in color.
He's neat, she's messy.
He's a grown up, she's a baby.
He's serious and distinguished, she's ditsy & acts like a blond.
He's outgoing, she's somewhat shy.
They are both a hoot & constant source of laughter!

Awaiting, Sadie's next Big Adventure her approach to every moment of every day!
Aren't puppies fun?
Hope you'll be working on your coloring today ~ enter Sebastian's contest
that's fun too!
♥ one vintage hag

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fresh New Looks by new Vintage Dealers at the Village. WELCOME

Fresh Vintage Looks from New Vintage Village Dealers

Lollygags ~ *to waste time in a pleasant idle way (indeed...!)

a peely chippy vintage corbel, old luggage & her dress form "Beatrix Dot"
amongst the vintage offerings found within the Lolly spot.

"Heir Apparent"

A warm cozy spot offering all things vintage ~ my favorites...
the old matchbooks, vintage license plates, charming old travel postcards.
The perfect spot to mill about ~ you wouldn't want to miss any of these charming offerings.

"Esther Polyester"
Why wear something New ~ when you could wear something Vintage?
Retro clothing is only a smattering of all things 70's. Owls & mushrooms can always
be found in Esther's.

Fresh Vintage Ephemera Counter by Kris ~
Old tags, charming old papers, puzzles, books & even vintage decals.
Be sure to take time to look at everything ~ you'll want it all.

In usual Vintage Village fashion ~ seasonal decor is always a must.
We have serious autumn fever and you'll have a bad case of the "I wants..."

Too Sweet hAlLoWeEn mask ~ are you the wise old owl or darling black scaredy cat?

If you must pay bills and do paperwork
a pretty desk to write on is a must~!

yUmMy old dough bowl is the perfect fall addition ~ so many choices for filling

Fancy gold tinsel trees with handmade clock ornaments

Even a chair that might bring back memories of Grandma's.
Autumn is such a glorious time!
Welcome to these talented ladies & the fresh vintage looks they add to
our already fAbUlOuS big picture.
gRaTeFuLlY~ ♥ one vintage hag

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sebastian's Birthday ~ Where's the "Paw-ty"

Sebastian's 5th Birthday
September 16, 2010
"Where's the Paw-ty"
Why, of course... we surely know when our puppies birthdays are and never miss a year
singing Happy Birthday tunes even before breakfast. This year was no exception. Sadie was a bit confused although amused none the less as she turned her head one way then another with the little nub wiggling.

Such a pretty boy... all distinguished and handsome at 5.

Rough & tumble like any other day with his Sister ~ Little Monkey Sadie

In celebration of Sebastian's birthday since there really wasn't a "paw-ty" just
song & dance, new dental chewies (their favorite)
and a breakfast of Solid Gold (we'll call that the eggs)
with yummy birthday Gravy (warm water to soak the kibble) any of you with young
children and grandchildren (or, any of you that are "kids at heart")
are invited to print & color the birthday puppy below ~
once complete send to

~one vintage hag "Sebastian's Mom"
c/o Vintage Village
2229 Scenic Hwy.
Snellville, Georgia 30078

Entries will be judged by the Vintage Village Dealers and a

special hAlLoWeEn goodie box

will be sent to the winner in time for those festivities
October 31, 2010

All the sweet puppy pictures colored & embellished in usual blogger fashion (I'm certain) will be displayed on Sebastian's refrigerator for he and Sadie to enjoy for a bit.

Should be frightful fun ~ submit your entries early & allow time for snail mail~!

♥ one vintage hag

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where Imaginations go to pLaY & cELeBrAtE Birthdays!

Sunday ~ a cELeBrAtIoN for Lindsey's Birthday as well as her 1st Wedding Anniversary that was back in July. Intended to be an anniversary gift but the timing more
appropriate for her bIrThDaY as we all had a super busy Summer.
Our iMaGiNaTiOnS finally... went to pLaY

The Varsity for lunch...
(never mind how many calories we packed in)
Chili Dogs, Onion rings & even a PC (chocolate milk) were part of the festivities.

Followed by an afternoon at the Georgia Aquarium
what fun!
It was Steven and Lindsey's first trip to the Aquarium so that was special.
So much to see, do and appreciate.
Even Deep-O's 3-D theatre was a blast ~ If the funky glasses weren't enough, the look on her face when we were sprayed with water or the shots of air
during the show surely brought laughs.
It's good to give your iMaGiNaTiOn a day of play ~ and this is certainly the place
to do just that!

September 15 ~ Lindsey's 26th Birthday!
It's been a joy to have her as a little girl, watch her grow intellectually, marry and now
be a focused yet fun loving, determined high school Spanish Teacher &
Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach! So very proud of our daughter.

Happiest of Birthdays Lindsey!
Hope that all your "wishes come true".
♥ Mom

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fresh Vintage @ the Village

No tRiCkS just Fresh Vintage tReAtS to fill your Halloween Bags ~
Vintage Village is filled to the brim with charming old wares with scatterings
of new offerings mixed in for your delight!

fReSh, fUn, fAlL, fAbUlOuS, fInDiNgS

fRiGhTfUl... ♥ one vintage hag

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Don't you just love the onset of Fall?

Fall is in the air ~ Cooler morning temperatures ~ Leaves & Punkins...
It's beginning to look & better, feel like fall in Georgia. Little Sadie likes to get up early so no need for the alarm clock most mornings ~ we are out with the chickens (not really, although I think that'd be awesome) enjoying what promises to be a beautiful Fall season.
We've been extra busy around Vintage Village adding fresh vintage accessories sure to delight your heart. Witches, scarecrows, skeletons, spiders, autumn arrangements & those necessary touches of black are only a few. All we need now are some real pumpkins for buckets, baskets & of course, the porch.
Stop by and see us... You're sure to have a bad case of the "I wants"...
eNjOy the Labor Day weekend ~
♥ one vintage hag