Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sebastian's Birthday ~ Where's the "Paw-ty"

Sebastian's 5th Birthday
September 16, 2010
"Where's the Paw-ty"
Why, of course... we surely know when our puppies birthdays are and never miss a year
singing Happy Birthday tunes even before breakfast. This year was no exception. Sadie was a bit confused although amused none the less as she turned her head one way then another with the little nub wiggling.

Such a pretty boy... all distinguished and handsome at 5.

Rough & tumble like any other day with his Sister ~ Little Monkey Sadie

In celebration of Sebastian's birthday since there really wasn't a "paw-ty" just
song & dance, new dental chewies (their favorite)
and a breakfast of Solid Gold (we'll call that the eggs)
with yummy birthday Gravy (warm water to soak the kibble) any of you with young
children and grandchildren (or, any of you that are "kids at heart")
are invited to print & color the birthday puppy below ~
once complete send to

~one vintage hag "Sebastian's Mom"
c/o Vintage Village
2229 Scenic Hwy.
Snellville, Georgia 30078

Entries will be judged by the Vintage Village Dealers and a

special hAlLoWeEn goodie box

will be sent to the winner in time for those festivities
October 31, 2010

All the sweet puppy pictures colored & embellished in usual blogger fashion (I'm certain) will be displayed on Sebastian's refrigerator for he and Sadie to enjoy for a bit.

Should be frightful fun ~ submit your entries early & allow time for snail mail~!

♥ one vintage hag

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  1. Happy Birthday Sweet boy. What a great idea. Sea Witch